HCG after IVF - table

After the successful introduction of the embryo into the uterine cavity, the most exciting period for a woman is waiting for the result.

For 10-14 days before the time when it is possible to make a blood test for HCG, which allows to determine the fact of pregnancy, the patient should follow the doctor's recommendations: take pregnancy-supporting drugs, observe physical and sexual rest.

The hCG calculator after IVF

According to the rules, the first time the analysis for determining the level of hCG is done not earlier than on the 10th day after embryo implantation . According to the received indicators, it is possible to judge the effectiveness of the procedure and monitor the further development of pregnancy.

This method is highly informative, since hCG itself starts to develop after embryo implantation in case of its successful attachment.

You can evaluate the results yourself using the table of hCG norms in the blood of a woman after IVF, and also monitor the dynamics of its growth by days and weeks.

Age of the embryo in days Level of hCG
7th 2-10
8 3-18
9 3-18
10 8-26
eleven 11-45
12 17-65
13 22-105
14 29-170
15 39-270
16 68-400
17th 120-580
18 220-840
19 370-1300
20 520-2000
21 750-3100

With a favorable situation in a pregnant woman after IVF, the following dynamics of hCG growth is observed:

Also the hCG calculator on days after IVF will tell about the nature of the development of pregnancy or about possible pathologies. For example, too high a level of hCG can indicate a multiple pregnancy. In turn, a lower value indicates a threat of interruption, frozen or ectopic pregnancy.

In any case, a woman after IVF should regularly take an analysis for the level of hCG in the blood and compare the value with the norm values ​​given in the table.