How to clean the liver of toxins and toxins?

The final products of metabolism have the property of settling on the walls of the intestine and accumulating in the liver. But if the motor function of the intestine allows the body to self-clean naturally, then the liver does not have this possibility. As a result, hemopoiesis and bile production suffer, we feel tired and sick even without good reasons. The solution to this problem is one - cleaning the body. But before cleaning the liver of toxins and toxins, you should make sure that there are no large gallstones in the gallbladder - they can make the procedure unsafe. All the rest is quite possible to carry out without the help of doctors.

How to remove toxins from the liver?

The way to cleanse the liver of toxins and toxins depends primarily on the general health of the person, his age and the degree of slagging of the body. If you have not turned 30 years old, it is usually easy enough cleaning - a short-term transition to plant foods or holding unloading days. In more complex cases, such methods can be used:

Cleaning the liver of toxins with the help of tjubazh - one of the most popular techniques, but it is suitable only for those who do not have stones in the gallbladder and kidneys, and there are no helminths. The essence of this method is to stimulate the body to self-purification with the help of certain substances (vegetable oil, lemon juice, sorbitol, French salt) and temperature (exposure to hot water, taking hot baths). This is a very effective way of cleaning, therefore it is desirable to spend it under the supervision of doctors and during the vacation.

Preventive fasting reduces to the use of clean water during the day. This allows the liver to relax, as a result, it will spend the saved energy on the removal of toxins and toxins. Juices are used for the same purpose. The most suitable ones are:

Juice should be used diluted in water in a proportion of 1 to 1 a glass a day in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Cleaning with mineral waters is used in the same way as juices - in the morning one should drink 1 glass of mineral water heated to 50-60 degrees. The most suitable for these purposes are:

Preparations for cleaning the liver from toxins

If the question of how to clean the liver of toxins, you have only one answer - medicines - we offer you a list of drugs that purify the liver of toxins and toxins:

The first three drugs are able to bind the products of decay and remove them from the body, they are often used as part of the procedure tjubazh.

Holosas is a medicine based on the extract of dogrose. He has strong diuretic and cholagogue properties, as well as a pronounced toning effect due to high concentration of vitamin C. This natural preparation gently and effectively cleanses the liver and kidneys, but is not assigned to people with deposits of salts and stones.

Karsil and Essentiale belong to hepatoprotectors. Their main role is to improve the liver and improve its functioning. After all, it's no secret that a healthy body will cope with toxins and slags faster.

Your main task in this case will be to help the liver to clear, along with medications using a special diet. For this purpose, table # 5, vegetarianism and raw food are perfect. But if diet number 5 can be used for a long time, the rejection of products of animal origin should not exceed a period of 2 weeks.