How to make a mouse out of paper

Paper is one of the most environmentally friendly and easy-to-use materials for creativity. Usually, children enthusiastically cut out and glue the paper, creating various figures from it. Invite the child to make a small cute mouse, and he will willingly take up work.

How to make a mouse out of paper with your hands - a master class

To make a mouse, we need:

Operating procedure

  1. We will make a pattern for a paper mouse - we will cut out the trunk, head, paw, tail, nose, apron, belt for the apron and two details of the ears.
  2. Cut out the details of the mouse from the colored paper. We cut out the trunk from red paper. From light gray - on two details of a head, ears and a tail, and also four details of paws. From black paper, we cut out the nose, from pink - two small details of the ears, and from the yellow - an apron and belt for the apron.
  3. To one part of the head we glue the nose, draw the eye with a black handle.
  4. To the gray details of the ears we glue the pink details.
  5. We glue the ears to another part of the head.
  6. To the head part with glued ears we glue another part of the head - with the nose and eyes.
  7. The part of the mouse's body is rolled up in the form of a cone and glued together.
  8. We glue the head to the body of the mouse.
  9. Paws are glued together in pairs.
  10. We stick the feet to the body of the mouse.
  11. We glue the details of the tail.
  12. We will attach the tail to the trunk.
  13. From the green paper, cut two stripes with figured scissors and glue them to the apron. We glue the belt of the apron to the trunk so that the ends of the belt are located in front. Top glued apron.

The handmade paper mouse is ready. If you increase or decrease the size of the pattern, you can make a whole mouse family. And as a girlfriend mouse you can make a frog .