How to make soap with your own hands

The bathroom of a modern woman is a real storehouse of different soaps, shampoos, gels, tonics and similar objects for creating beauty. But all this is factory, purchased, branded. In a word, like everyone else. And I want exclusivity, individuality, something of my own. And if you want, then it will turn out. We invite you with a head to plunge into creativity and learn how to scratch from the remnants and other improvised means to make soap with your own hands at home.


How long mankind lives, so much soap exists. In the houses of the poor it was very simple and rude and was used only for strictly practical purposes. In the houses of the nobility, pieces of soap were real masterpieces of handmade work with unique smells and forms, a sign of luxury and wealth. Today, any woman can afford such a masterpiece. You just have to be patient and make the most of your imagination, and even the queen of medieval France envies your soap collection. After all, modern tools allow you to make at home even a luminous soap.

We open a soap workshop

So, what do we need to do so ourselves at home? Yes, not very much:

  1. Soap billet from the store or remnant, better than baby soap.
  2. Aroma oils. They can be bought at a pharmacy. Choose those smells that you like. But be careful, strong flavors can cause allergies.
  3. Base oil. There can be several. For example, oil of sea-buckthorn, cedar, apricot. The main thing is that the product is of high quality and without a smell, we also attribute glycerin here.
  4. Dyes and additives. As colorants you can take broths of herbs and vegetables, but they are quite active. If to overdo it, soap will dye your skin during washing. It is better to buy a set of special dyes for home soap making in the store, good, the range is rich. As additives, you can use flower petals, ground coffee, cocoa, crushed nutshells, finely chopped and dried herbs. Also, it can be sheep or goat wool, surgical threads, dissolving paper or photoluminophore. All these elements will help you create a truly royal collection.
  5. Inventory. This includes enameled high saucepan for cooking soap, molds, tassels and a wooden spoon to stir the soap mass.

Principle of soap making

Like all the components in the collection, you can start. Since it's the easiest way to make soap with your own hands from the soaps of child's soap, then this is exactly what we take as the basis. So,

  1. Three soap base on a fine grater in the shavings, previously weighed it.
  2. Let us assume that the weight is 500 g.
  3. In a deep enamel vessel we infuse 1 tbsp. l. spoon of different base oils or 1-2 tbsp. l. one oil and one tbsp. l. glycerin. All mixed well and put in a water bath.
  4. In the heated oil, gradually add soap chips. If the soap base will melt with difficulty, add a little hot water. As a result, a homogeneous oil-and-soap dough should be obtained, then it's time to include imagination.
  5. Adding your favorite flavors and dried herbs, nutshells or ground coffee, you will get a fragrant gentle soap-scrub for the face. Silk surgical threads or water-soluble paper will help create an ideally smooth surface. And do not forget about colors. Yellow, orange, pink or blue, and maybe in striped or speckled, it's up to you. Or leave it transparent by inserting into the middle a bright vinyl fish or large beads. Well, if a white powder is added with a photoluminescent powder, your soap will glow in the dark with a wonderful blue-green spark.

The created magnificence is put into the prepared molds and for a couple of hours we send them to the refrigerator for hardening. Then, the hardened figures are extracted from the molds, wrapped in a cellophane and left to dry for another two days. By the same technology at home, you can make and liquid soap. Simply add more flavored floral water when melting the chips. Keep this soap in a sealed container.

Here you can see how easy it is to make original soap with your own hands at home. Try, fantasize, invent, pleasing yourself and your loved ones with exclusive masterpieces of bath art. Yes, and business from this, too, can be done.