How to understand that the guy is cheating?

Indeed, often there are situations that make you think about it, but how to understand if a guy changes you. Of course, you can suffer in silence, waiting for what will end. You can behave differently: to arrange a scene, accusing him of treason , and then let him justify himself and prove that he is not guilty. But, and suddenly he really is not to blame, and you can not only ruin the relationship with your beloved, but you can lose it forever. What to do in this case, because the accusation is too serious.

If you are tormented by the question of how to understand that the guy is cheating on you, find out what the science of psychology says about this.

How to identify male treason?

To deal with this issue, use the observations of psychologists:

  1. Surprisingly, a guy who changes and deceives his girlfriend, becomes unreasonably jealous and suspicious, probably guided by his behavior. He can arrange scenes of jealousy about your communication with colleagues, classmates, neighbors, although some time ago did not see anything special in it. In addition, he can demand a report for every minute of your absence, for every SMS-ku that came on the phone, for every call, making you infinitely justified. In short, act on the principle: the best way to defend is an attack.
  2. The answer to the question of how to understand that a guy changes and deceives will be obtained if he has an increased nervousness, as soon as you take his phone into his hands, at the same time, as soon as possible, he immediately begins to send messages from him or calls so , so you do not see it or hear it.
  3. On the question of how things are at work, responds monosyllabically and reluctantly, and if delayed, what happens more often, then the question: "Why?" In response, begins to get nervous and scream.
  4. Any your most innocuous question causes him irritation and aggression.
  5. If you do not live together, but only meet, and your boyfriend increasingly refuses to meet, because he is "tired", "early to get up early", "something you do not want," etc., and even calls less often and less often, then the question of how to understand that a guy changes, disappears by itself: and deceives, and changes.

If there is nothing similar in your relationship, then your fears and fears are groundless, you just missed it.