Isolating exercises

If you have been practicing in the gym for a long time, your muscles have already grown stronger, and now you want to give them clearer boundaries, allocate on the body, then the isolation exercises are what you need.

Isolated or isolated exercises are performed in special simulators and differ in that only one group of muscles is included in the work, that is, it is involved in isolation from all other muscles of the body. These exercises are not suitable for beginners, since they do not have enough muscle mass.

Isolation exercises are designed specifically for grinding, giving relief and correct shape to the muscles. Consider a few exercises that you can include in your workouts. With the help of them, you will qualitatively work the muscles of the hands and chest.

Isolating exercises on the biceps

Almost in any room, you can find Scott's bench, exercises on which you can use the muscles-flexors of the hands. Due to the construction of the simulator, the load on the muscles of the shoulder joint is excluded, and the middle and the bottom of the biceps are involved.

Technique of execution:

  1. Sit on the seat, the pelvis slightly back, the armpits rest on the bench, the shoulders are pressed to the surface to the very elbow.
  2. Take the curved neck by the width of the shoulder grip.
  3. On exhale smoothly without a jerk, bend your arms in the elbows, without throwing the bar to the chin.
  4. On inhaling, lower the bar to its original position.
  5. Try to sit still, do not help yourself with other muscles.
  6. Do not tie your elbows on the surface of the bench.
  7. Do not straighten your hands completely at the bottom of the movement, so as not to overload the ulnar ligaments.

Implementation options:

  1. Use a straight bar and a wide grip to increase the impact on the inner head of the bicep.
  2. Use a curved bar and a narrow grip to strengthen the effect on the outer biceps head and shoulder muscles.
  3. Use dumbbells to work each biceps separately.

Isolating triceps exercises

To work out the triceps, the extension of the hands on the upper standing block is ideal.

Technique of execution:

  1. Grasp the handle with a narrow grip, the palms are turned to the floor.
  2. Elbows tightly press against the body and lean forward slightly.
  3. The handle should be at the level of the top of the chest - this is the top point of the exercise.
  4. At the exit, slowly unbend your arms, keeping your elbows at one point.
  5. At the bottom, the block almost touches the hips.
  6. Hold in this position for a second, on inhalation return to the starting position.

Sealing exercises for breasts

In any modern hall you can easily find crossovers on which the muscles of the inner and lower chest can be worked out qualitatively.

Technique of execution:

  1. Stand between the blocks, grasp the handles and lean forward slightly.
  2. Hands throughout the entire exercise are slightly bent at the elbows, palms facing the body.
  3. Keep your hands together until you touch on exhalation.
  4. At the input, slowly return to the starting position.
  5. All movements are performed slowly without jerks, at the top and bottom point, delay for a second.

If you have already gained a sufficient mass, then basic and isolating exercises should go to your training complex. Both these kinds perfectly complement each other and will allow you to achieve the ideal figure. Also, do not forget to choose the correct weights, so that you can perform 12-14 repetitions, but the last 2-3 repetitions were given with great difficulty, then you will get the best effect.