Exercises for Strength Development

The power of a woman in her femininity is true. But physical abilities have not been canceled yet. It is considered normal for both sexes to be able to withstand their own weight. This is checked in push-ups - you know how to do push-ups, then with physical strength you are all right.

It is push-ups that are part of our complex of exercises for the development of strength, because this basic exercise not only improves physical training in general, but also develops triceps, deltas, presses , pectoral muscles.

Another great exercise for developing strength is the vertical stand. From the outside, it may seem that there is absolutely no need to strain and do anything. In fact, when you pull your spine up behind your fingers, you will feel how even the tiniest muscles of the body are straining.

The posture of the bar, or rather, the preparatory stand, the posture of the board is another basic exercise for the development of strength. In this passive static rack, the entire body is strained, the spine stretches, the deep muscles of the body are strengthened. The posture of the board increases your stamina, and endurance, perhaps, is one of the indicators of physical strength.


  1. Fingers tending to the clouds - We are getting into a vertical pose, the feet are parallel, the knees, thighs are strained. Pull up your stomach, stretch the press, straighten your shoulders. We open palms outwards. We raise the strained arms through the sides, we stretch out to the top. Then we reach up dynamically with our fingers. On inhalation, we turn our hands outward, we lower our hands heavily. On inspiration, raise the chin higher, on exhalation, lower it downward. Round your back, aim for each vertebrae down. The palms are lowered to the floor. Gently climb up, opening the shoulders.
  2. The posture of the board is the preparation for the posture of the bar. We take an emphasis lying, feet together, palms under the shoulders, knees and buttocks are strained. We freeze in this position and time.
  3. Push - ups are a simple option. We take the emphasis lying, we will push from the knees. On inhalation we fall down, arms bend, elbows look back. On the exhalation, we stretch out our arms.