Leukocytes in the cervical canal - norm

When performing the analysis on the microflora, the presence of such parameter as the number of leukocytes, the volume of which is different in separate sections of the reproductive system, is established. Let's figure it out and answer the question: how many leukocytes in women should be normal in the cervical channel, and because of what their number may increase.

What is the rate indicator?

According to generally accepted standards, when evaluating a smear on flora taken from the cervical canal, the number of white blood cells should not exceed 30 units in the field of view of the microscope. For more accurate results, the lab technician can count these cells twice. If the above norm is exceeded, an additional examination is appointed to determine the cause. So, hold the tank. sowing to determine the type of pathogens, the appearance of which led to an increase in leukocytes.

What are the reasons that the leukocytes in the cervical canal are elevated?

Most often this condition is a sign of the presence of an inflammatory process in the reproductive system. In this case, the more cells found in the cervical canal, the more acute the process itself.

So, a large number of leukocytes in the cervical channel can indicate such violations as:

In addition, it must be said that a similar phenomenon can occur in sexual infections, such as:

Thus, as can be seen from the list of the above, there can be many reasons for the increase in leukocytes. Moreover, there are cases when a slight increase in the number of these cells in the smear is normal (in pregnancy, for example).

That is why it is very important to correctly establish the cause of this phenomenon, because In itself, an increase in the number of these cells is only a symptom of the disease.