Mental properties of personality

It's no secret that each of us has a number of individual psychic properties that make the personality multifaceted, unlike those around them. It is given from birth, due to which a person is able to regulate his own behavior , actions, based on individual abilities.

It is important to note that by psychic properties we mean features that are significant and constant in their characteristics, which are characterized by stability, manifested in a certain period of time. A vivid example of this can serve as follows: at this point in time you something or maybe even someone is annoying, in the end you can be told that you are an irritable person, but it is at this moment. Proceeding from this, this mental property is stable, but for a certain time. You can not be constantly dissatisfied with something, irritated.

Structure of mental properties of personality

It is the totality of the below-mentioned qualities that forms the psychic structure of man:

1. Character, personal values, temperament - these properties are inherent in every person, are a complete dynamic, evolving picture of the functional capabilities of each of us.

2. Personal properties, manifested in different forms depending on the circumstances, the situation and your environment (for example, a person is able to be a subject of cognition, communication, social activity).

3. Qualities expressed only during the interaction between themselves like:

4. The mental warehouse, which makes itself felt at a time when you are faced with the solution of vital situations.

Mental properties and conditions of personality

If the psychic properties are personal, constantly repeating characteristics, then states describe mental functioning, relying on a given moment of time. They give a characterization of the psyche, based on qualities, performance, etc. They are distinguished depending on:

Character as a psychic property of a person

Character - a set of ways of human behavior, based on the life position of the individual. In addition, the character is a certain feature of her psyche. In it the features of her upbringing, individuality, socialization are fixed. Some of the character traits that are leading determine the main personality. The main and most essential in the qualities of character is the balance of each of its features. In the case when such a condition is met, a person with a harmonious character is confident in his own abilities, knows how to achieve his goals, while adhering to the sequence.

Abilities, as a psychic property of personality

Abilities determine the ability of each person to be successful in one or another life branch, activity. The main condition for their determination are:

Thanks to his abilities, a person is able to develop individual psychic properties.

It is worth mentioning that makings are the foundation of their development. By the way, the latter are laid down at birth, that is, they are innate features of each organism.