Missing voice - how to treat aphonia according to the reasons?

When the voice is gone, how to treat it, people think about right away. This is an unpleasant problem, which causes a lot of discomfort and significantly worsens the quality of life. There are many traditional methods of combating hoarseness. The main thing is to determine the reason and choose the most suitable one.

How does the voice form?

It represents the sound vibrations of the air, which are formed in the human respiratory apparatus. If the air passed through all the organs and did not encounter any obstacles, we could not utter a sound. A set of obstacles - organs located in the respiratory system, which take part in the formation of the voice - is called the voice apparatus.

Sounds are obtained only on exhalation - during the release of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth. On the mucous membrane of the larynx there are special folds, which are also called voice, they are also vocal cords. In addition, there are so-called vocal cracks in the larynx. When air passes through them, the folds begin to vibrate, a sound wave is created - that's how the voice comes about.

Why does the voice disappear?

The problem, why the voice was lost, how to treat it, is preceded by different reasons. Often, hoarseness occurs with colds or with a strong overstrain of ligaments. A common reason why the voice went missing is an infectious laryngitis. In the risk zone, there are people who, according to the nature of their activities, are regularly actively using the vocal cords. Sometimes aphonia develops and for no apparent reason: in diseases of the thyroid gland, because of smoking, neoplasms.

Loss of voice in throat

One of the most common phenomena. If the throat hurts, the voice disappears, the reason, most likely, is covered in bacterial, viral or fungal inflammations. In most cases, aphonia is caused by laryngitis, an inflammatory process in the larynx that affects the vocal cords. Because of the disease, the latter swell and almost cease to move, which leads to a disturbance in the formation of sounds.

The voice how to treat this problem has lost its voice, people who have not properly trained their ligaments regularly think. Professional singers and speakers, too, suffer from aphonia, and yet the risk of hoarse and stop talking more from those who decided to suddenly tighten their throats, while not calculating their own strengths and not properly assessing the possibilities of their larynx.

The voice lost for colds

Because of catarrhal diseases, the vocal cords become inflamed, and there is a hoarse, throat begins to itch. It becomes difficult to talk, and a person has to strain hard to make more or less loud and understandable sounds. The loss of voice in the common cold is explained by the additional burden on the inflamed ligaments. In some cases, aphonia develops against a background of dry cough, which also has a harmful effect on the condition of the laryngeal folds. If when the voice disappeared, how to treat it, think quickly, the problem will be coped for a couple of days.

Causes of loss of voice suddenly

When suddenly suddenly the voice disappears, the reasons can be very unpleasant. Sudden aphonia sometimes develops in laryngeal tumors that affect ligaments. Changes in the voice can be influenced by other neoplasms - in the thyroid gland, esophagus, lungs, mediastinum. The problem should be suspected if the fever develops for several weeks, and there are no catarrhal symptoms.

Voice loss - allergy

The larynx is one of those organs that are strongly susceptible to stimuli. Upon contact with an allergen, permeability of capillaries is impaired, and in the tissues of the mucosa begins to excrete transudate. It follows that the main causes of loss of voice in allergies are fluid secretion and laryngeal edema , and in some cases also heredity. Such stimuli can cause a reaction:

Puffiness is accompanied by such symptoms:

Missing voice after screaming

In some cases, aphonia occurs when there is a sudden very high load, which occurs on the vocal cords. Often, for example, with such things as sore throat, the voice is gone, people are facing after important reports, appearances in public. Disappear the voice can and after a long strong cry - as a result of a quarrel or after a merry evening in karaoke, say.

Psychological causes of loss of voice

Not everyone knows about this, but aphonia can also be caused by psychological reasons. All problems are from the nerves, and this exception is not. Why does the voice of too sensitive and emotional people sometimes disappear? This happens when people do not want to listen to them or constantly have to prove something. Missing voice, how to treat this, you have to think about in families where relatives often scandal. Afonium the body reacts to constant stress.

What if the voice was lost?

There are many ways to restore the voice, but it is important to know what is not recommended in aphonia, so as not to aggravate the situation and not prolong the process of treatment:

  1. You can not talk. Even in a whisper, it is advisable not to say anything, because it strains the bundles more than ordinary speech. When the voice is gone, and how to treat it is still unclear, you also can not speak in the cold, so as not to catch a cold of the guttural folds.
  2. It is worth to give up smoking.
  3. Do not breathe with your mouth, so that the dust does not get into the respiratory system with infection.
  4. Do not gargle with soda. Such a tool only causes irritation of the ligaments.

Missing voice - medicine

Therapy is selected depending on the cause of the disease, because when the throat hurts, the voice is gone, than to treat the problem, it is necessary to choose only after the diagnostic measures:

  1. With laryngitis, most patients suffer from coughing. They, in order to cope with aphonia, are recommended to drink expectorant drugs - such as Ambroxol, Kodelak, Bronhicum.
  2. Eliminate the perspiration and soften the throat for colds with aids such as Arbidol, Remantadine - antiviral drugs will improve the condition in case of a disease.
  3. Miramistin effectively removes the laryngeal edema and disinfects the mucous membrane.
  4. When the voice was gone, Givalex tablets also help. It is a homeopathic drug that speeds up the process of restoring ligaments.

Other effective medicines for aphonia:

Than to gargle, if the voice was gone?

When osplosty not bad help therapeutic solutions. When the voice disappears, rinsing helps to relieve swelling, removes soreness, and removes pathogenic microorganisms from the respiratory tract. It is desirable to conduct the procedures at least 5-6 times a day. If the voice for cold has disappeared, how to treat? Such preparations will come to the aid:

How to restore the voice of people's means?

Is it possible to conduct therapy at home? If the voice is gone, how to treat it at home, folk medicine will tell. There are a lot of different non-traditional recipes. All of them are effective and harmless to the body, and even such tools are available and can be prepared from the ingredients, usually found in any kitchen. To heal, you can simply drink warm water or make warming compresses. There are also more complex recipes.

How to restore voice quickly?

Ingredients :

Preparation and use

  1. Beat the protein to foam.
  2. Add in the whipped mass of cold boiled water.
  3. If you rinse your throat every 2 hours, aphonia will pass in one day.

Carrots for the treatment of hoarse voice

Ingredients :

Preparation and use

  1. Carrots should be cleaned and put in a separate container.
  2. Pour the root of the milk and put on a small fire.
  3. Cook the medicine until the carrot is cooked.
  4. After cooking, strain the milk and drink the resulting drink all day warmed.

Milk with honey from the settled voice

Ingredients :

Preparation and use

  1. Milk warm up.
  2. Add all other ingredients to the liquid.
  3. Drink 0.5 liters of this drink twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Operation on the vocal cords

Surgical intervention helps to change the voice, add to it husbands or vice versa make it more sonorous. Injection laryngoplasty is a method that knows how to restore vocal cords and make them function as before. The operation is performed using a long needle that fills the folds with the patient's own fat tissues taken from other sites or with collagen preparations.

After the procedure, the ligaments restore the previous volume, become more elastic, and the voice begins to sound properly. There is only one "but" - after the resorption of the composition the effect disappears. If the cause of aphonia is in the neoplasm, it is removed by microsurgical methods, laser or radio wave treatment. The cut out part of the ligament is replaced with implants.