Museum "Gold of Africa"

The Museum of "Gold of Africa" ​​is one of the main attractions of South Africa . Gold played an important role in the development of the republic, after all, after it was opened on its territory in 1886, the state affairs went much better: the infrastructure flourished, industry developed, and as a result, the demographic situation improved. According to official estimates, the African Republic gave the world a third of all gold mined. Therefore, the Museum of "Gold of Africa" ​​is a subject of boasting and pride of the country.

What to see?

The museum is home to more than 350 artifacts. Surprisingly, the building itself is a landmark, because it was built in 1783. At the beginning of the 20th century, philanthropist Martin Meltska sponsored the restoration of the building, thanks to which it was restored and today bears the status of the most ancient building in Cape Town .

In the Museum of "Gold of Africa" ​​there are exhibits that tell about the rich African culture, represented by artifacts of the once existing kingdoms Mapungbwe, Thulamela and Great Zimbabwe. The most attention is drawn to the hall dedicated to the history of gold, so there are items related to historical events dating back to 1300 BC. and ending in 1900 AD. That there are only exhibits related to the manufacture of the coffin of Tutankhamun.

Also on the territory of the museum there are temporary exhibitions from countries where gold also plays an important role in the culture and history: India, Brazil, Mali and Egypt. It is worth noting that holding such exhibitions plays an important role - it destroys geographical borders and cultural barriers between countries.

At the museum there is a shop where you can buy products made in a local workshop. Ornaments made of 18- and 20-card gold. This store is a real find for fans of yellow metal, as there are only exclusive works of traditional or modern design. The store operates six days a week, in addition to Sundays, from 9:30 to 17:00.

No less interesting fact is that the "Gold of Africa" ​​museum has opened courses of jewelry business, where you can learn the subtleties of mastery for business or hobbies.

How to get there?

You can reach the museum by public transport , in a block from it there are two stops: "Strand" - route number 105 and Mid Loop - route number 101.