Whom in the throat - the most frequent causes and effective treatment

The lump in the throat is an unpleasant phenomenon, which everyone at least once felt. Symptom does not pose a direct threat to health, but may indicate a lot of factors and causes, it. Sometimes the problem is preceded by eating, and sometimes the pathology is to blame, which must be diagnosed and treated.

Whom in the throat - what can it be?

When there is a sensation of a lump in the throat, the reasons are very different. But the two main provocateurs are somatic problems (illnesses and pathological conditions) and nervous tension. The most common ailment causing this symptom is a problem with the thyroid gland, but there are others. In the throat area there are vital vessels, esophagus, nerve plexuses, parathyroid gland, etc. Any of these structures may have unpleasant sensations.

Discomfort in the neck may differ in symptomatology. That the doctor has correctly established the diagnosis, it is necessary precisely to formulate the complaints. Is a lump of muscular spasms, perspiration and cough, pain on swallowing? The formed lump in the throat does not pass with time and interferes with food intake? If the problem is noticed, you need to carefully monitor your health and identify the accompanying factors.

An eructation of air and lumps in the throat causes

When such inconvenient phenomena occur periodically, such as a lump in the throat and an eructation of air, it is important to find out whether they are related to each other. Both can refer to the same pathology (then appear simultaneously) or arise for different reasons. An eructation by air - not acidic, without an unpleasant smell - as a rule, is not connected with gastrointestinal problems. But together with a lump in the larynx may indicate some dangerous factors, for example:

Whom in the throat and heartburn

Often, a lump in the throat is accompanied by heartburn, especially after eating. Episodically, these phenomena can disturb even a healthy person and do not require treatment. For natural reasons arise during pregnancy against a background of toxicosis. But if the lump and heartburn were formed simultaneously, accompanied by heaviness in the stomach, unpleasant odor and pain, the cause may be hidden in gastritis and other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. These are diseases such as:

  1. Hernia , formed in the esophageal aperture of the diaphragm. Aggressive contents of the stomach, getting into the esophagus, causes a burn, inflammation, heartburn.
  2. Esophagitis , caused sometimes by such attachments as the intake of very hot or hard food.
  3. Gastroesophageal reflux - GERD. Mixed with acidic gastric juice, from the stomach the food returns to the esophagus department.

Lump in the throat after eating

Sometimes after a meal, the food seems to come back, standing like a lump in your throat. There is an unpleasant feeling of pressure, burning, choking. Examining the patient, the doctor excludes or confirms the presence of pathologies in the field of gastroenterological. Very rarely an ailment is caused by a muscle spasm or the formation of tumors. If a lump in the throat forms after eating, the reasons can be as follows:

Lump in the throat after vomiting

After an unpleasant event - vomiting - often there is one more misfortune: in the throat as if a lump appears, interfering with breathing. Nausea has passed, spasms have stopped, but the sensation of suffocation and a foreign body does not pass. The fact is that during vomiting, half-digested, acidic stomach contents enter the larynx. A mucosal burn can occur due to damage by solid products and acid. Unpleasant feelings pass by themselves after a while. Sometimes it takes up to 10 days for the burns to heal.

Whisk in the throat - it's painful to swallow

In certain cases, the lump formed in the throat causes pain. Very rarely such symptoms indicate the appearance of a serious pathology: a tumor in the neck. Much more often a lump in the throat when swallowing and pain are signs of damage and a throat or allergic reactions. The patient may complain of dry mouth, pershenia, cough. These symptoms provoke:

Lump in throat and chest

When the discomfort arises with the neck and the chest, the person begins to worry, because there are important organs. Spasms of the esophagus can be confused with the cardiac, t.p. they are located nearby. Pathologies of the digestive tract are sometimes characterized by the onset of such symptoms. Difficulties with breathing cause inflammatory diseases:

In addition, there is a lump in the throat with VSD - a disease caused by malfunctions in the autonomic nervous system. It is responsible for the operation of all vessels, internal organs and glands. Pathology can cause a lot of unpleasant phenomena, including pain in the heart, choking, discomfort when swallowing. Symptoms occur suddenly, for example, after a nervous overexertion, and lasts for a short time, usually a few minutes. The lump in the throat of the VSD causes as often as other symptoms.

Dryness in the mouth and lump in the throat

Manifestations of serious ailments can become joint symptoms: sensation of a lump in the throat and dryness. Thus the person does not feel thirst. It is difficult to make swallowing movements, the voice is lost. There is dryness and lump in the throat after smoking, anxiety, medication. Symptoms may indicate other pathologies:

  1. Problems shchitovidki. Saliva decreases, and as a result - in the throat pershit, it's hard to breathe.
  2. Thinning of the mucous membranes. It is typical for the elderly.
  3. Allergies to food or some irritant. Then cough is added to the symptoms.
  4. Swelling of the tonsils and inflammation , also accompanied by a decreased salivation.
  5. Throat cancer . It hurts to swallow, painful feelings appear.

Whom in the throat - psychosomatic

Diseases that occur on the nerves often affect the throat and larynx. Breathing intercepts, air circulation in the lungs is disrupted. These conditions provoke a person's psychoemotional state. The body responds to emotions. The lump in the throat from the nerves is a common phenomenon, and causes its following problems:

  1. Experiences, resentment, unsuccessful experience.
  2. The accumulated tension as a result of constrained emotions.
  3. Fear of coming unrest (speeches, meetings).
  4. Hidden psychological trauma.

A lump in the throat - how to treat?

As a rule, people do not address the doctor with such a problem as a lump in the larynx. Symptom has no serious consequences and does not bind patients with dangerous pathologies. But if the phenomenon worries for a long time, it is worth consulting with a therapist who will conduct the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Before you get rid of the lump in the throat, you need to determine the cause.

  1. If the diseases (infectious, gastrointestinal) are to blame, carry out appropriate measures to eliminate the ailments.
  2. It is required to analyze the medications taken. Possible a negative reaction to their intake or allergy .
  3. The doctor should check the cervical spine, larynx for inflammation, mucous - for mechanical damage.
  4. When treatment fails, pay attention to psychosomatic causes and undergo a specialist examination.

Not always a lump in the throat indicates serious problems. But it is better to be cautious and seek advice from a doctor in advance. Pathologies of the thyroid gland and (even worse) cancer tumors diagnosed at an early stage can be treated with a greater probability of a positive result.