Puree from plum for babies

The baby is growing up, and my mother has new concerns: it's time to gradually move on to solid food. This event is both a holiday and a test for both. Usually the first lure starts in 4-6 months with liquid cereals. Begin with a half teaspoon, gradually turning to one full-fledged feeding.

Fruits are added to the baby's food from about 5-6 months. In the first feeding he grimaces, spits out new food, smears it on the face. But it's not for long. Usually children quickly begin to understand: the fruit is very tasty. And after a few days, when he saw his mother, with a bowl of fruit puree, the baby begins to make joyful sounds, as if to say "Come on, feed me soon".

At first you should not give mashed potatoes from several fruits. It is better to start with one species. To avoid an allergic reaction, do not give your child exotic or red-colored fruit and berries. The best option for the first fruit complementary foods can be apples, plums, pears.

Puree from plum for the baby is easy to prepare. Take only ripe soft fruits of non-acidic varieties. Plums are rich in many useful substances: fructose, glucose and sucrose; vitamins A, C, B1, B2, P, organic acids, tannic, nitrogenous, pectin substances. Mineral substances in plums are present in a larger volume than in apples and pears. Plum puree contains a fairly large amount of potassium and phosphorus, which is especially useful for the nervous system of a small man. Now we will tell you how to cook puree from the plum for the baby.

Puree from plums for babies



Plums are carefully rinsed under running water and boiled for 10 minutes. When the fruits cool, remove the peel, remove the bones. The pulp is ground in a blender.

At the age of 7-8 months, you can start giving the baby a combination of meals. Puree from plum for a child can be supplemented with an apple, pear or banana. Prepare a mixed mashed potatoes according to a similar recipe. First, the fruits are cooked, and then blended with a blender to a mushy condition.

Puree from pears , plums and other fruits without heat treatment is recommended to give children no earlier than 8-9 months. Fresh fruits are peeled and thoroughly grinded. All fruit purees need to be prepared for only one feeding, it is better not to reserve it.

In addition to fruit, you can cook grilled vegetable mashed potatoes according to our simple advice.