Poor reputation

Every person understands the importance of reputation, first of all, after when she wants people to trust her. But, as you know, it's just impossible to do it. In order for people to trust you, they need guarantees that they will not be fooled. Most importantly, the most important guarantee is always the reputation of the individual. And in order to earn a positive opinion of a person or a group of people about you, you need to answer all their interests, and not be an irresponsible egoist .

But, what if the phrase "bad reputation" most accurately describes your failures at this point in time? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Stained reputation

Reputation is still known by such names as "image", "resume", " authority ", etc. It is in every person. Appears to him when he first enters into interaction with society. A good reputation to earn the first time is very difficult. It takes time. Another thing, a bad reputation. One phrase or the slightest action, done at the wrong time, not with those people and at that hour, can tarnish your personality. Depending, say, on its tarnish, there may be difficulties in your life, for example, with the construction of a successful career or with a place in society.

Reputation can be seen as the foundation of your social life. Consequently, a bad reputation is a poor-quality foundation. Each person will have the last option to suffer painfully, especially ambitious people who are used to always be on top in everything.

If, for some reason, your reputation suddenly turns dark, do not get discouraged. This is not the end of life. It does not make sense to beat yourself on the forehead for the mistakes made and for being overconfident. Take yourself in hand, gather your spirit and, following the advice below, clean your reputation of dirt.

How to restore your reputation?

  1. First of all, you need to calm down. Get rid of any peaceful way for you from accumulated negative emotions. Try to analyze the situation from the side, which has caused pollution of your reputation. Be objective. In no case do not discard the cause of the incident in circumstances, etc. Analyze as if you are solving a mathematical problem: by actions, including questions, explanations, touch the test work and work on your mistakes.
  2. Before you prove to others your rightness, realize your mistakes, understand exactly your guilt, forgive yourself. The process of reputation restoration always requires self-confidence, honesty before those who put their hopes on you.
  3. It is important to remember that the very process of restoring your good name is individual. But there are some points that can be a point of support for you.
  4. Do not forget that reputation is based on honesty, trust.

  5. If necessary, admit to others that you were wrong, apologize. The apology should be justified. Think over and voice the option to exit the situation. Give a sincere promise that this will not happen again.
  6. Increase your responsibility and dedication. People can still doubt you, so do everything possible so that the number of positive actions carried out outweighs that ill-fated case.

How to earn a reputation?

The following factors will work for you positively:

  1. If you are asked for something, do this thing as one of the most important. Pay attention to the little things, which at first glance may be invisible.
  2. Go to meet people. For example, if, after the end of your work day, your boss asks you to do something, your positive answer to this account will in the future play in your favor.
  3. Be always polite and correct with others. For example, always fulfill promises to your partners and customers, albeit small ones.

Remember that it is not easy to win a good reputation, but the result is worth the effort.