Recovery after abortion - how quickly to adjust the work of the female body?

With any kind of termination of pregnancy, hormonal failure is one of the main consequences. Recovery after abortion of the reproductive system takes time. In this case, the importance of the method of abortion and the duration of the procedure.

Consequences of abortion for a woman

It is worth noting that all the existing negative consequences of abortion can be divided into those observed immediately after the procedure and distant. At the same time, the consequences of an abortion of a medicamentous type do not have such severity as those that are noted after surgical curettage. Among the frequent consequences of any abortion:

  1. Bloody issues. Unselective discharge with blood after abortion is observed 2 weeks after the procedure. They are accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen.
  2. Perforation of the uterus. Violation of the integrity of the genital organ, accompanied by severe bleeding . Occurs during surgical abortion and requires emergency care.
  3. Uterine bleeding. It is possible if the abortive instrument is damaged by large vessels.
  4. Incomplete abortion. Complication of the process of termination of pregnancy, in which parts of the fetal tissues remain in the uterine cavity. It is necessary to clean the uterus surgically.
  5. Infection of the reproductive system. It is observed when abortion techniques are violated, using non-sterile instruments.

Physical recovery after medical abortion

Rehabilitation after abortion begins with the restoration of the uterus. In this procedure, the inner layer of the organ is torn away, which begins to recover after a time. Endometrial cells by division lead to a gradual recovery of the endometrium. Almost simultaneously, there is an outward appearance of the old cellular structures that have been damaged during abortion.

To accelerate the purification process, the uterine muscle layer is periodically reduced. Thus the woman can feel a pain of compressive character in the bottom part of a stomach. Attacks have a short duration and self-terminate. Doctors do not recommend using strong analgesics, as this can disrupt the recovery process. It is important to keep track of your health and with increased pain, the appearance of new symptoms, consult a doctor.

Restoration of the cycle after abortion

How quickly the hormonal recovery after abortion occurs depends on the type of intervention performed. Thus, the minimal consequences associated with the violation of the cycle are noted in the medical abortion of pregnancy. In most cases, menstrual discharge is observed at the time it takes, according to the established cycle. The next month comes in 28-35 days.

Recovery after a vacuum is carried out for 3-7 months. According to medical observations, women who gave birth earlier take 3-4 months to do this. In this case, the first cyclic secretions can be observed as early as a month after the procedure. However, they are uninvited, irregular, often painful and may be absent next month. This phenomenon is a variant of the norm: this is how a gradual recovery occurs after a vacuum abortion.

The most unpredictable are the monthly ones after surgical abortion. Due to severe traumatization of the endometrium, a woman can detect ungainly hemorrhage for 3-4 months. This is due to the insufficient thickness of the endometrium. Bloody discharge in the first days after the abortion have no connection with menstrual. Recovery after abortion of this type with the resumption of menstruation occurs within a month.

Restoration of the uterus after an abortion

Restoration of the endometrium after abortion takes 3-4 weeks. At this time in the womb there are active processes of cell division. The norm in this case is the presence of pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which is caused by contraction of the muscular structures of the uterus. Throughout this period, a woman can observe the bloodless nature of vaginal discharge.

Complete recovery of the body after an abortion is the return of the state of the reproductive system that was observed before it: the monthly acquire the same periodicity, they are of the same volume and duration. On the assurances of doctors, this process can go from 1-3 months to six months. A longer recovery period requires medical supervision.

How to recover after an abortion psychologically?

Artificial termination of pregnancy is accompanied by a complex of mental disorders called postabortion syndrome (PAS). A woman is often haunted by memories of the procedure, an intense mental pain associated with the circumstances of the incident. Because of this, many need the help of a specialist. Psychological recovery after abortion should be conducted with the direct participation of a psychologist who will give the woman specific advice, prescribe medications if necessary.

A woman can try to make herself feel better. Psychologists are advised to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Forgiving yourself out loud.
  2. It's often to be in society, not to shut up.
  3. Talk to your spouse, partner.
  4. Turn to the church.

How to accelerate the recovery of the body after an abortion?

Women who have undergone the procedure for abortion are often interested in the question of how to recover quickly after an abortion. In order to shorten the duration of the recovery period, doctors are advised to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Sexual contacts are allowed after the first menstruation.
  2. It is not recommended to use gels, ointments, to perform douches.
  3. Instead of tampons, it is necessary to use gaskets.
  4. Exclude sports for a month.
  5. Instead of a bath to take a shower

In parallel, you can take vitamins for recovery after an abortion:

Recovery after medical abortion

Recovery after a medical termination of pregnancy occurs quickly and practically does not require intervention by doctors. Within 2-4 weeks, the uterus returns to its former state and is ready for a new conception. Therefore, the use of contraceptives is an important point in order to avoid re-pregnancy.

Recovery after a vacuum abortion

The first days after such termination of pregnancy, a woman should observe peace, completely eliminating physical activity. The wound surface is present in the uterus, therefore it is necessary to abstain from baths, saunas and hot baths. After 7-10 days, it is necessary to see the doctor again for examination of the uterine cavity on ultrasound. Rapid recovery after a mini-abortion includes physiotherapy procedures:

Restoration after surgical termination of pregnancy

Recovery after a surgical abortion involves a long-term follow-up with a doctor. A woman should completely exclude:

The main areas of rehabilitation are: