Rocking chair from the vine

One of the most popular ways to relax is sitting on a rocking chair , which can be made by hand from a willow vine. And how exactly, you will learn from this article.

How to weave a rocking chair out of a vine?

The whole process can be divided into several main stages:

Collection of materials

It is best to spend it in winter, but it is possible and throughout the year. For work, thin long rods and branches of all sizes are also suitable. After you cut it, you need to put them upright in the fresh air, so that the sticks stay up.

Vine processing


  1. First, everything must be placed in a large vat of boiling water. There they will have to spend 12 hours. This will help make the branches more elastic and supple. After this "bath" we remove the bark from them.
  2. Thick we put in special adaptations that they have accepted the form necessary to us.
  3. We split the thin vine into 3-4 parts (shinki) with the help of a special tool - a cleaver. To do this, from one end, make a cut with a knife and insert a splitter into it. After that, we beat on its back with a hammer, so that the sharp end passes along the entire length of the rod.
  4. We pass the prepared tins through a special press and we receive ribbons for weaving the chair from the vine.
  5. Fixed sticks and prepared tapes must be placed in the drying chamber for a period of 3 days. There they take the desired form and dry up. You can proceed with the assembly.

Assembling the frame

  1. With the help of nails and screws we assemble the frame of our chair. It can look like a normal chair or have forward-facing rounded armrests.
  2. After we make the lath of the seat, we put the finished frames on the spacers and send them to dry.


  1. From prepared tapes and cleaned rods we braid the armrests, the edges of the back of the chair and legs. To make the vine bend better, we put it on the fixed pipe and, holding on to both ends, we pull, and then we bring them closer to us in turn.
  2. On the frame we apply glue, then we press the tape to it and conduct it through the added rods in a staggered order.
  3. After the main part of the chair is ready, we attach skids or skis.
  4. To determine if you made the rocking chair woven from the vine, it is necessary to shake it. If it comes in motion easily and does not overturn, then everything is done well.
  5. At the end of all work, we cover the product with furniture varnish.

Now the rocking chair is completely ready.