Teriyaki sauce at home

Japanese teriyaki sauce, popular all over the world, is gaining momentum in popularity and on our expanses. You can buy it in any supermarket or make your own hand, which is always a priority.

From our recipes you will learn how to prepare teriyaki sauce at home and offer an option for using such a sauce for cooking shrimp.

Teriyaki sauce at home - recipe



In a small scoop or saucepan, pour the purified water, dissolve in it cornstarch, pour in soy sauce, olive oil and mirin, which, if necessary, can be successfully replaced with wine vinegar. Also add liquid honey and cane sugar. Garlic is cleaned from the husks, squeezed through the press and also put into the container to the rest of the components. We remove the ginger root from the skin, let it through a fine grater, and add two teaspoons of ground ginger paste to the sauce. All the good mix.

Determine the dishes with sauce for moderate fire, bring the mass to a boil, stirring, and cook for about five minutes.

The sauce turns out to be quite liquid, do not panic, it should be, after cooling it will thicken a little and take on the necessary consistency.

On readiness, the cooled sauce of teriyaki is poured into a convenient glass container with a lid.

Dishes cooked with teriyaki sauce are very appetizing, fragrant and have a unique original taste. Let's cook!

Shrimp in teriyaki sauce



Peeled shrimp, if necessary, defrost and put in warmed olive oil, poured into a frying pan. We brown them on a strong heat from all sides, stirring, for one or two minutes and pour in teriyaki sauce. We hold the dish on fire, without stopping stirring, another two to three minutes and serve it to the table. Separately, you can serve boiled rice.

If you use royal prawns, then increase the cooking time by about two times.

Similarly, you can cook chicken , pork or beef meat , adjusting the cooking time depending on the chosen product.