How to choose a ripe avocado?

For many, avocados are still an outlandish fruit, although it can be found in any market or in specialized stores. But its excellent taste and numerous useful properties are worthy of everyone's attention and if you are not yet familiar with the taste of this wonderful fruit and do not know how to choose it correctly, we recommend that you read the information below and fill this gap.

How to choose the right avocado?

On the shelves of shops you can meet avocados of different varieties. Most often these are fruits of green color, with a smooth or pimply skin. The latter are more preferable for purchase and consumption, as they have a smaller bone size, and the rind of the ripe fruit can be cleaned simply by punching it with a slightly sharp knife, without touching the flesh.

The smooth fruits of the avocado have a lighter color, the bone is larger and occupies more volume inside, and the peel is cleaned only with a knife along with some portion of the inner pulp. To the taste of this avocado is in no way inferior to pimples, which surpasses it only in terms of benefits and in more pure pulp obtained.

How to choose the right fruit in the store avocado?

When choosing an avocado, we pay attention first of all to softness of the fetus. When you press it, the flesh should bend slightly and immediately return to its original appearance. If the dent remains, then it is not worth buying such avocados - most likely it is already overripe and is more likely to turn rotten inside.

If the avocado is too hard, you can buy it, but in this case it will be necessary to let him lie down at home under room conditions in a paper bag for two to five days so that the fruit ripens.

Also pay attention to the color of the fruit. The darker it is, the softer the flesh will be inside, and the avocado will be ripe. A well-ripe avocado, if you shave it, you can hear a knocking bone inside. If there is no knocking - the avocado is still green and it will take time to ripen.

How to choose avocado for salad?

If you wish to purchase an avocado for the purpose of making a salad from it, then your choice should be stopped on a specimen with a still pounding bone, but a slightly soft structure, which can be properly evaluated by pressing on the peel. It should only give a little pressure and immediately spring. If you select a too ripe fruit, its pulp will be oily and soft. This avocado can be used to make sauces , smoothies, desserts, or eat it just like that, smeared on a slice of toast or bread. For a salad, the fruit pulp should be slightly denser.