Wasabi sauce

Wasabi is a plant from which, for 600 years in Japan, a spicy seasoning for various dishes has been prepared. Wasabi sauce is the crushed root of the plant itself, which, growing in Japan under special exotic conditions along mountain rivers, is especially valuable. Therefore, even in Japan, imitation of wasabi based on horseradish, spices and food color is often used. We are familiar with the wasabi powder obtained by grinding the dried root of the plant.

The components of the wasabi sauce have antiseptic and antifungal properties, inhibit the growth of bacteria, so often the sauce is used with raw fish. Consider the recipe for wasabi sauce based on the exotic root of this plant.

Wasabi sauce - a recipe at home

We clean the wasabi root and rub it on a fine grater. From the resulting mass form the ball and insist 15 minutes before use. The remaining root is stored in the food film in the refrigerator. If you want to achieve maximum acuity, then add a couple of drops of lemon to the prepared wasabi.

How to cook wasabi sauce at home?

Since the wasabi root is difficult to find, we use a powder made based on the dried root of this plant.



Mix wasabi powder with water, carefully place until smooth consistency. To make the shape, put the mixture in a small container, wait for the paste to dry a little, and shift everything to the ready-made dish.

Keep in mind that ready wasabi is not subject to storage, because in time it loses its sharpness and taste.

How to cook wasabi sauce?

In the absence of the root of an exotic plant or powder from it, you can prepare wasabi using much more accessible and common ingredients.



Mix the grated horseradish along with the mustard powder until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Adding a drop of water, bring the sauce to the desired consistency. Since the classic wasabi has a greenish tint, if desired, you can add a dry or liquid food coloring to the finished mixture.

Such a sharp paste can be safely served from the land , used when cooking traditional Asian soups and sauces.