Wedding hairstyles on the square - the best styling for the bride

The most important event in the life of every girl is a wedding. This day is planned for several months and must go strictly according to plan, so that everything was perfect. So, as we dreamed in childhood. And one of the most important points is the appearance of the bride. When with long braids we can think of anything, how to choose wedding hairstyles on the square?

Wedding hairstyles on the square of 2017

Previously, all brides with short hair were forced to increase them, because "it is worthless to the bride and without a braid." In recent years, fashion has changed dramatically - the naturalness and simplicity reign on our faces and heads. And short haircuts have become even more popular, because they look original and interesting. How can I choose wedding hairstyles for medium hair 2017 or for short hair?

Do you still think that you can not think of anything with them and you can not avoid escalating? By no means! Look, among what variety you can find something that will make you the most charming bride, and the groom will fall in love with you again. Whatever your dress and already selected earrings and necklace, with an elongated or a haircut bob you can make an incredibly stylish styling. But do not choose at random. Follow these tips and be irresistible.

What wedding hairstyle can I make on the square?

Wedding stylish hairstyles on the square are very common the last few years. Girls do not tend to grow a long braid before the celebration or build it up. Star stylists quickly picked up this trend and offered us a variety of options for a variety of hairstyles. If you have a very short haircut, choose a fashionable styling. In this case, three-dimensional earrings and other jewelry will look at you especially elegantly. Wedding hairstyles for an average length of hair can be found even more often, you can easily pick up a stylish image of your hair. Here are a few basic rules:

Wedding hairstyles with flowers on the square

To complete the image with a delicate, romantic dress, hair decorations in the form of flowers will do. Such decoration on the girl is appreciated from time immemorial, and light wedding hairstyles on medium hair rarely do without them. This length harmoniously looks with roses or daisies on a hoop or in the form of a hair clip. Flower decorations should be selected in the tone of your hair. If they are dark - feel free to choose light, delicate colors. If light - give preference to those accessories that will not go unnoticed, because a white hairpin on a blonde looks too modest.

Do not combine jewelry with flowers and many other decorations in the form of a massive necklace, large earrings or bracelets. This decoration implies a modest, sweet and feminine image, so even shoes should be modest. This solution is also perfect for those who are going to get married in a short dress. This will soften the image and make it more romantic.

Wedding Hairstyles Crees Greek Style

If your hair is not so short and you are looking for medium-length wedding hairstyles, then the choice is even greater! The last trend, which all the stylists and hairdressers are shouting about is the Greek style . Do you want to feel like a Greek goddess? For this, it is not necessary to hold a ceremony in Athens. The classic option is the combination of this option with a dress in the Greek style. But it looks great and on its own. A required attribute is decoration. It should not be rough and bulky, but neat and gentle.

The most amazing image you can think of is:

Wedding hairstyles with a diadem on the square

If you want to be at your wedding is not a goddess, but a princess, the solution for you is a diadem! Wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a diadem look very feminine and majestic. Your man will once again be convinced that he has chosen the best of the best. The diadem does not tolerate catchy or untidy piles. Disheveled tails with this decoration remained in 2007 on the heads of punk girls. Therefore, choose a modest, neat option. Even loose hair will look inappropriate. Did princesses go with loose "patlami"?

Wedding hairstyles on the side on the square

It's hard to pick up wedding hairstyles for short haired quilts, if you want them to be combed on their side. In this case, you can ask your hairdresser to do the weaving on one side, and make the second side bigger. If you have an average length - combing half on the side will be easier. Amazingly look a variety of weaving , which combine many elements. This slightly sloppy look looks very stylish and feminine. The most interesting thing is that even at an important event such a hairdo does not require additional decorations.

You can choose a lot of these options, so we advise you to listen to the rules, which are often spoken by stylists:

High wedding hairstyles on the square

Each hairdresser will offer you a high wedding hairstyle for a hairstyle. Why? After all, this is a win-win option! You will not only look awesome. High styling lengthens the face, because of what it looks visually thinner. They come to absolutely anyone and go to any girl's face. With them you can experiment: here you can add a variety of accessories from voluminous, unusual pins to cute, thin rims .

Wedding hairstyles on an elongated square

An elongated short haircut can be beaten in many ways. If the length is suitable, you can leave the elongated strands and do the weaving at the back. You can put it all together. The only restriction for such a haircut - it can not be lifted up. Another option that is often used by Hollywood stars, when it comes time for carpets - is the addition of several artificial strands. This will allow you to choose a more interesting option. Wedding hairstyles on a square with an elongation rarely do without the build-up of even a few large strands.

Wedding hairstyles on a square with a bangs

If you have a bang - do not necessarily try to remove it for celebration. It can be a decisive element. With a bang, we look younger and fresher. Stunning look simple wedding hairstyles on the square with a bang and tied behind a bundle. It looks very nice and gentle, does not require additional accessories, although they can be added. If the bangs prevent you for some reason, ask your hairdresser to twist it with long curls and fasten it. Then it will go unnoticed.

Wedding hairstyles on a square with a veil

If you still appreciate traditions and since childhood dreamed of a magnificent dress and a long veil, boldly translate dreams into reality. After all, in this season the veil is very popular among brides. She perfectly complements wedding hairstyles with braids for medium hair, if you make the right accents and choose the right style. When choosing a fashionable veil, remember several rules:

Wedding hairstyle for short

A wedding hairstyle with a bob with a bang or other complex haircuts leaves us only fashionable stylings. But this has its advantages, because long, luxurious curls have already cut all the famous beauties and want to social events without their braids. You can make this packing at home, armed with curling irons or curlers. If it is difficult for you, it is better to consult a specialist and ask him to choose one of the options for you personally, so that it is combined with your image, face shape and mood. The master knows best which wedding hairstyles on the square will suit you personally.