What can a child prepare for 11 years?

To prepare for an independent life of a child should be started from childhood. You can submit training in the form of a game to prepare a basic dish. A teenager can not refuse such a fun, but at the same time, a responsible job, and will understand that this is not difficult, but even interesting.

Each parent thinks about the question that children can prepare themselves. First of all, if you allow your child to manage in the kitchen, you need to take care of his safety. It should be checked if there are too sharp knives, whether there is a risk of getting burned hot.

All this action should take place under the supervision of an adult person at the first time. It is very convenient if you have a multivarker, a microwave oven and an electric oven and an oven that is safer than gas at times. You can collectively choose what you can cook for yourself and buy the necessary products for this.

What can a child prepare himself?

It is important that the first dishes to be cooked by the child are as simple as possible, and then to the complex ones after that. In this case, the young cook will make sure that cooking is not difficult at all, but very exciting and, perhaps, it will become his vocation.

Oat cookies

It's very easy to bake oatmeal cookies. To do this, you need a whole or crushed oatmeal, butter, sugar, eggs, nuts or dried apricots. All is mixed in a bowl, and then using a spoon is laid out on a baking tray and baked.


It's quite easy to make original canapes, because for this you can choose any products. If sliced ​​cheese, ham, cucumber, cabbage leaves, small tomatoes, olives and fasten them with skewers - you will get a nice and satisfying dish.

Mini pizzas

For the pizza base, you can take a puff pastry, and choose the filling to taste - sausage, cheese, crab sticks, tomatoes, olives, etc. Bake until ready in the oven or microwave with convection.

If the mother does not decide what can be cooked for the children themselves 11 years, you can find a lot of options to prevent boredom. When a child already has some experience, he can entrust him with more serious work.

Cake "Potato"

For this cookie you will need simple cookies, condensed milk, butter, cocoa and walnuts. Shortbread biscuits need to be cut into crumbs, then mix the ingredients and form balls from them.

Fruit icecream

For home-made ice cream you need berries (strawberries, currants, raspberries, cherries), as well as sugar, water, starch and yogurt. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients, pour into the mold and put in the freezer. The child will be delighted! These simple tips will help to take the child and begin to develop in it independence. In addition, delicious dishes will be pleasant for him to treat the whole family.