Crab salad with apple - recipe

Salad with crabs can be prepared not only by the usual way, using crab sticks , corn and mayonnaise (although we will certainly mention it too), but also to slightly diversify the concept of this dish and try to realize something original and tasty . Are they intrigued? Then let's try out new recipes sooner.

Salad with corn, crab sticks and apple

Let's start with the classic recipe for crab salad on our tables.



Crab sticks cut into cubes. Eggs boil hard and also grind. Cucumbers and apples are cut into strips, and then apples should then be sprinkled with lemon juice immediately, so that they do not darken. Cabbage (only the green part) is finely shredded. With corn drain the liquid. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl and season with mayonnaise.

Salad with crab sticks and apple before serving should be cooled.

How to cook a crab salad with an apple?


For refueling:

For salad:


To prepare the dressing in the bowl of the blender, put onions, peeled apple, garlic, salt and vinegar. Whisk together until smooth and mixed with butter.

Mango and apples cut into cubes (apples sprinkle with lemon juice). Mix all the ingredients for the salad together and season with the sauce. We put the prepared salad on a dish and decorate with apple chips.

Crab salad with apple



Vinegar whisk with whipped mustard and chopped shallot. Without stopping stirring, pour oil to vinegar, add salt and pepper.

Cress lettuce mixed with 3 tablespoons filling. In another bowl, combine chopped crab meat with celery and apple. Sprinkle the ingredients of the salad with chopped nuts and sprinkle with the leftovers of the dressing. We spread the watercress on a flat dish, and put a salad on the cushion formed.