Diet for stomach and sides

What a sin to conceal, the sides and stomach - one of the most problematic areas of the female figure. Nature arranged us so that we could endure and feed the child.

Diet for the stomach and sides, and the length of life - a severe need, especially for women giving birth, if they want to have a slender, smart figure. After all, you will only relax on festive feasts a day or two - and extra centimeters at the waist and hips will not keep you waiting. But the essence of the most effective diet for the stomach has long been stated in a laconic caution: "Excess food is delayed by minutes in the mouth, hours in the stomach and years on the hips . "

How to choose a diet to remove excess on the sides and stomach?

Do not believe the promise of an early or lasting effect, if you are allowed to eat everything and in any quantity in the hope of the magic effect of a certain know-how. All diets that lead to a guaranteed result and do not cause harm to health, are based on the creation of a deficit of calories and are aimed at normalizing the work of the digestive tract.

First of all, give up smoking and alcohol. For sure, everyone knows the expression "beer tummy", and in fact he does not even paint men! The rest of the recommendations for the diet for the hips and abdomen are associated, as a rule, in order to reduce the caloric intake of food due to the products used, as well as the way they are prepared, often not causing excessive appetite, but ensuring the receipt of all the necessary substances.


As for calculating calories for a diet, to effectively and quickly remove excess deposits on the stomach and sides and do not harm yourself, you can either consult a dietitian, or cope with it yourself, using online services to count calories .

How does the diet work to reduce the volume of the stomach?

Choosing a diet, it is important to understand how and by what you will lose weight. Not only will this save you from experimenting with your health, it will just be clear to you at a glance what result to expect.

First of all, do not believe the promises of an instant result, and even without effort. Otherwise, every year more and more complete people would not be around.

Quickly remove the stomach and sides of any diet can only by taking surpluses accumulated in the body of water. But along with water, you will also leave useful micronutrients, which must be replenished. The next thing that will suffer is the balance of proteins in the body. The very proteins that are necessary for the muscles and immune system. In addition, it is sufficiently justified that the rapidly lost kilograms are returned even faster and even in a larger volume. After all, a very strict diet is stress, and what stress do? Correctly, seize.

The most important task of an effective diet for the abdomen and sides is to involve the fatty deposits in the active metabolism. And starvation in this business is the most extreme and fraught with problems. This goal will be served by a balanced, healthy and calorie-restricted diet. Despite the established opinion, even from carbohydrates do not get fat, if their portion is reasonable.

Of course, you can resort to some strict diet for the abdomen and thighs at the initial stage, if only because nothing so pleases us as a visible and tangible effect. It is this or, for example, a beautiful expensive dress, in which we want to get into the holiday, can inspire us to exploits. But do not forget: a constantly slender and smart figure is not the result of any super effective diet for the belly and sides. It's a way of life!