How to celebrate Christmas in Russia?

Christmas is a religious holiday, which has now become a state holiday. It is connected with the birth of Jesus Christ. They celebrate it on the adoption of the Russian Orthodox Church on January 7.

The holiday of Christmas from Russians is one of your favorite holidays. For some reason, it is commonly believed that there are miracles at Christmas, and in general there are wonderful and magical things. Unfortunately, the observance of traditions is a thing of the past and now this holiday is celebrated more modernly than it should be. Consider how historically traditionally it is customary to celebrate Christmas in Russia.

The night from 6 to 7 January, which is called Christmas Eve , is special. On this night, a group of people was taken to dress up and go into each house with festive, greeting songs and poems or with a suggestion to taste kutya. The owners were supposed to thank the mummers, before they were edible goodies, now it's money and sweets. This is how Christmas is celebrated in the accompaniment of the songs, surrounded by Christmas attributes with the twelfth clock fight in Russia.

Attributes of Christmas in Russia

The celebration of the holiday in Russia is accompanied by both merry social festivities and inalienable attributes of Christmas.

  1. Christmas wreath . An evergreen wreath with four candles, which are lit alternately and which symbolizes the light that will come with the birth of Christ.
  2. Bells . Attribute of the Russian Christmas, which symbolizes the news of the birth of Christ.
  3. Christmas carols . Solemn songs that are sung for the celebration of Christmas. The people in Russia are famous for their simple and hospitable people, so the performers of the songs were necessarily given various gifts. Christmas carols - the attribute of Christmas, which was adopted by the Russian people from the Gentiles. The Gentiles were considered one of their effective methods of scaring out evil spirits - loud noise. It is for this purpose that the songs are sung aloud.
  4. First guest . The symbol of Christmas, which was born among landowners living in Russia. It was believed that if on Christmas Day the woman first crossed the threshold of the house, then the wheat will give a bad harvest and the hostess of the house is threatened with a female illness this year.
  5. Let's observe the traditions and meet Christmas as much fun as our ancestors.