How to communicate with the guys?

For starters, let's say, how not to communicate with guys (in particular) and with men (in general).

How to learn to communicate with guys?

The psychology of the male and female personality is only 18% similar. we react differently to the same event, think differently and even hear differently. Therefore, if you feel that you do not know how to communicate with guys - let it not lead to a panic state, because the same is felt by thousands (not to say - millions) of girls in any corner of the Earth.

How and what can I do to communicate correctly with a man or a guy? Of course, the happiest option is to have in your circle a smart intelligent person (regardless of whether it's a man or a woman). Any contact with him can be a great lesson to how beautiful it is to communicate not only with a guy, but with people in general.

Perhaps you have an acquaintance with whom you are only occasionally exchanging phrases? Do not be shy to ask him about how, in his opinion, girls need to communicate with guys? Ask what kind of girls (and for what) his friends treat with respect, and which (and for what reason) they have been included in the "black lists". To make it easier for you to start this conversation, keep in mind the following: it is proved that men spend more time on gossip than women.

If you are not lazy, read simple books about the psychology of men - it will also help you understand how to communicate with the guys. The theory is good, but skating you will learn only if you stand on these skates. In this case, of course, inevitable and fall - sometimes quite painful. However, we have already said that communication, like any other action, is being improved in the course of practical training (as though this phrase also did not cut our ears).

So instead of thinking about how to communicate with the guys, you just need to gradually start communicating with them - in those places where it is possible without the risk of being misunderstood. Look at every conversation with a guy as a kind of training and the ability to polish the technique of right communication - no more.

How to start communicating with a guy?

Asking him any (except meaningless!) Question - how else? You will learn to communicate with guys (and people in general) when you learn to ask questions that can be a topic for further conversation. And also - to answer such questions.

If it is a question of a guy with whom you have already begun some kind of relationship - do not be ashamed to compliment him to break the awkwardness of the silence that has come. He is a living person, so leave him right also to feel embarrassment, excitement and confusion, and help him make your communication easier.

How best to communicate with a guy?

As with a guy, and with any man in general, you need to communicate so that he feels that there is a woman in front of him. You may not believe me, but perhaps it's best to explain to you how to communicate with a guy right, your grandmother could.

Why am I writing this? Because in the behavior of women or girls there are timeless values ‚Äč‚Äčthat even today fascinate men just like a century and a half ago. If communication with the grandmother for any reason is difficult, maybe you will not be lazy to reread the beginning of the article?