How to cook moussaka with eggplant and minced meat - recipe

Even those who are not very supportive of eggplant and dishes from them, when tasting a Greek dish - moussaki come to an indescribable delight. In combination with minced meat, potatoes and béchamel sauce, this vegetable is transformed beyond recognition and creates a delicious dish.

Today we will tell in our recipe how to prepare a tender, fragrant moussaka with eggplant and chicken forcemeat.

Recipe for moussaki with eggplant and chicken



We will initially treat the eggplant properly. Flush the fruit, cut into round or oblong slices approximately five millimeters thick, sprinkle with salt and determine in a colander for thirty minutes to get rid of excessive moisture and bitterness. Then we wash them in cold water and drain them. Lubricate the surface of each eggplant slice with olive oil and bake in the oven or grill in a pan until soft.

In the meantime, we clean and shink onion and garlic and pass on the olive oil until it is transparent. Then we lay the stuffing, and stand on the fire, stirring, until the color changes. Now we throw the frayed tomatoes without the skin, pour the wine, season the mass with cinnamon, cloves or basil, ground pepper, salt, add a tablespoon of chopped green oregano and about half a glass of chopped fresh parsley. We admit meat sauce, stirring, on moderate fire about twenty-thirty minutes or until thick, covering the container cover.

The bottom of the oily form is covered with mugs of pre-peeled and chopped potatoes, we distribute half of the eggplant slices from above and lay out the meat sauce. Next, place the layer of the remaining eggplant, rub half the cheese through the grater and pour in the béchamel sauce, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and finish with a layer of cheese.

Determine the dish in a heated oven to 160 degrees and hold for an hour. Then let the dish cool for thirty minutes and can be served to the table, cut into portions.