How to determine ovulation at basal temperature?

The question of how to determine ovulation at basal temperature, primarily interested in those girls who are just starting to keep a schedule. In order to give an answer to it, it is necessary to consider fluctuations in temperature values ​​at different intervals of the menstrual cycle.

How does the basal temperature change throughout the cycle?

First of all, it must be said that in order to obtain accurate values, measurements of this kind should be carried out always in the morning hours, approximately at the same time, before performing physical exertion (ie, not getting out of bed).

So, in the first half of the cycle, right after the end of menstrual flow, the temperature is set at 36.6-36.8 degrees. Such values ​​of the thermometer show up to the moment when the ovulatory process does not begin.

Approximately in the middle of the cycle, a woman can note a slight decrease in basal temperature by 0.1-0.2 degrees. However, literally in 12-16 hours there is an increase of up to 37 degrees. It is this fact that indicates the ovulation - the emergence of a mature egg from the follicle.

As a rule, from this point on to the monthly excretions, the temperature keeps at the level of 37 degrees. Thus, the increase in temperature in the second half of the menstrual cycle is noted at 0.4 degrees, which in turn is the norm and indicates the proper operation of the hormonal system.

How to determine the day of ovulation according to the constructed basal temperature chart?

Knowing the above facts, a woman can easily trace the process, such as ovulation by basal temperature values. So, on the graph, right up to the very beginning of the ovulatory process, fluctuations in temperature indices will be insignificant. Just before the egg leaves the abdominal cavity, the curve will go down, and literally the next day it will be marked by its rise.

If we talk about how the basal temperature chart looks when ovulating, then from the moment the egg is released, it looks almost like a straight line, because The temperature rises to 37,2-37,3 and keeps at this level until the most menstrual flow. Actually, to reduce the temperature index, a woman can also learn about the imminent approximation of menstruation.

Thus, every woman should have an idea of ​​how one can learn about the process of ovulation at basal temperature. First of all, it is necessary for those girls who use the physiological method of contraception.