Protocol IVF by day (in detail)

As you know, this method of assisted reproductive technology, like in vitro fertilization, has several so-called protocols of carrying out: long and short. Let's consider them in more detail and tell you about how each IVF protocol passes by days, according to the adopted scheme.

What are the features of the long protocol?

As can be understood from the title, the procedure thus takes more time. For comparison, it can be noted that the average long protocol lasts about 1.5 months.

Despite the fact that there are certain standards, in each specific case the procedure may be slightly different. If we talk about how a long protocol of IVF goes through and examine it in detail, then it is necessary to distinguish the following stages:

  1. Blocking the body's production of female hormones, with the help of so-called antagonists - occurs on the 20-25th day of the menstrual cycle.
  2. Stimulation of the ovulation process - 3-5 day cycle.
  3. Puncture - 15-20 days. After sampling, the sex cells are carefully selected. Part of the fit is placed on the nutrient medium and waits for fertilization, and some can be frozen (for repeated IVF procedures with no first success).
  4. Injection of the hormone HCG - 36 hours before the procedure for the collection of follicles.
  5. Fence of the ejaculate from the partner (husband) - 15-22 day.
  6. Fertilization of the sexual cell of a woman - 3-5 days after the puncture.
  7. Embryo transfer to the uterine cavity - on the 3rd or 5th day after the fertilization of the egg.

How is the short IVF protocol performed by days?

The main distinguishing feature of this algorithm is the fact that the regulating phase, as with a long protocol, is absent, i.e. physicians start directly from the stimulating phase.

If we consider the stages of a short IVF protocol on the days of the cycle, this usually happens as follows:

  1. Stimulation - begin on the 3-5 day cycle. Lasts for about 2-2.5 weeks.
  2. Puncture - carried out for 15-20 days. The harvested cells are placed in a nutrient medium where they are waiting for the fertilization procedure.
  3. The fence of the sperm from the partner is 20-21 days.
  4. Fertilization - carried out 3 days after the puncture.
  5. Embryo transfer is 3-5 days after insemination of female sex cells.

It should be noted that after the completion of both protocols for almost 14 days, hormonal support for the gestation process is carried out.