How to freeze mushrooms?

It's nice to pamper yourself in the cold season with forest mushrooms. But is it really so easy to find them in the store in the winter? In order not to run in search of forest mushrooms on the shelves of supermarkets, on which lie all the same bored mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, it is worth only a little puffing up in the autumn and freezing the mushrooms yourself. In addition, you freeze those mushrooms, and in the form you want, you also save much (and if the mushrooms are collected by you personally, it is generally free pleasure).

Remember that the main rule of freezing any products, including fungi, is the use of fresh, undamaged and clean products.

Which mushrooms are frozen?

For freezing, any edible mushrooms brought from the forest will do. And so the question is whether it is possible to freeze white mushrooms, honey mushrooms or chanterelles, the answer is one: you can, you can, and again you can. The main thing is that they should be freshly collected (maximum one day old), strong and young.

Another of the most common questions is the question of whether it is possible to freeze raw mushrooms. Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary! After all, a fresh whole mushroom retains more of its taste, aroma and beauty than cooked.

So, for example, how to freeze a white fungus? To do this, we carefully sort out the mushrooms and lay the crumpled, damaged and wormy ones aside (parts that are not suitable for freezing can always be cut and cooked right there). Gently clean the mushrooms from dirt, grass and earth. You can also wash them, but it is not advisable, as they very quickly absorb the moisture. And why do we need ice in the mushrooms? But if you still washed them, then it is worth drying the mushrooms on a towel or napkin. Further we spread the mushrooms on a flat surface and send it to the freezer (this is done so that they do not stick together), and after a few hours we pour into the prepared food container or bag.

If you still want to hedge, because you are afraid of raw mushrooms, you can pre-cook them or fry them. By the way, in this case, fit and broken species or broken mushrooms, they just need to be cut into pieces. Whole or chopped mushrooms are lowered into boiling water and boiled for about 15 minutes, then thrown back to a colander and allowed to drain excess water. If desired, fry. Then spread out on food containers or packages and freeze.

Storage of frozen mushrooms

Many people are interested in the question - how much to store frozen mushrooms? Freshly frozen mushrooms are stored for up to 1 year at minus 18 ° C, boiled and fried for 3-4 months. Defrost mushrooms should be in the refrigerator, and eat them for a day. Re-freeze mushrooms in any case impossible. Therefore, during the freezing process, it is better to pack mushrooms in small portions, which would be enough for one dish.

The fact that of frozen mushrooms you can cook an infinite number of dishes, Of course it pleases. It can be mushroom soups, julienne, pies, sauces and the like. Well, if you want a pickled mushroom? Can I marinate frozen mushrooms? Yes, only they turn out to be less crisp. The method of preparation is the same as pickling fresh mushrooms. Moreover, frozen mushrooms are dipped in boiling water immediately from the freezer, without preliminary defrosting.

Rejoice your family and friends with mushroom dishes for a year, with a minimum of effort. After all, mushrooms on the table - it's not only taste and beauty, but a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins.