How to lose weight in the legs for a week?

It is difficult to find a girl who does not want to become the owner of beautiful legs. Unfortunately, but getting rid of excess fat in this area is the most difficult. A huge number of women are interested in how quickly to lose weight in the legs for a week. Immediately it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to prepare for a strengthened and comprehensive work, without this, you should not count on a good result.

How to lose weight in the legs for a week?

As already mentioned, work will have to be done in several directions and first of all it concerns nutrition and playing sports. In addition, it is recommended to carry out various cosmetic procedures, for example, wraps, massage, etc.

Finding out how to lose weight quickly in the legs, for starters it is worth talking about nutrition. It is recommended to reduce the calorie content by 30%, for this it will be enough to refuse from sweet, baking, fatty, fried and carbonated drinks. It is important that the caloric content of the diet is not lower than 100 kcal. Choose foods that stimulate blood flow. When building your menu, rely on the basics of proper nutrition.

Continuing to talk about how to lose weight in the legs for a week, let's move on to the exercises:

  1. Squats with weights . It is necessary to prepare a small elevation, for example, it can be pancakes from the bar, which must be placed so that the legs end up on the width of the shoulders. They need to become heels, and place socks on the floor. In the hands, take dumbbells. Lower down on the inspiration, transferring weight to the heels and directing the pelvis back. Make sure that your knees do not go over your socks. Squat until the hips are in parallel with the floor. Exhaling, return to the FE.
  2. Makhi feet . Stand on all fours, placing your hands on the width of your shoulders. Raise one leg upward, bending it at a right angle. It is important that the heel is pointed straight up. The task is to raise your foot up, straightening it. The same thing needs to be repeated on the other side.