Mental diseases - the most terrible and unusual mental illnesses

Mental diseases in the modern world are not uncommon and the trend is such that there are all new syndromes that are not studied by science. Lingering stress , unhealthy habits, deteriorating ecology - all these causes of the ailments of the soul are just the tip of the iceberg.

What are the mental illnesses?

Mental illness since ancient times is usually called sickness of the soul. These ailments are directly opposed to normal mental health and the functioning of the individual. The course of the disorder can be easy, then a person can normally exist in society, in severe cases - the person is completely "washed away". The most terrible mental illnesses (schizophrenia, epilepsy, alcoholism in the stage of abstinence syndrome) lead to psychosis, when the patient can harm himself and others.

Types of mental illness

The classification of mental illnesses is presented in the form of two large groups:

  1. Endogenous mental disorders - are caused by internal factors of distress, often genetic ( schizophrenia , bipolar disorder, Parkinson's disease, senile dementia, age-related functional-mental disorders).
  2. Exogenous mental illnesses (the influence of external factors - craniocerebral trauma, severe infections) - reactive psychoses, neuroses, behavioral disorders.

Causes of mental illness

The most common mental illnesses have long been studied by specialists, but sometimes it remains difficult to identify the cause of this or that deviation, but in general there are a number of natural factors or risks of the development of the disease:

Are mental illnesses inherited?

Many mental illnesses are inherited, it turns out that there is always a predisposition, especially if both parents have mental illnesses in the family tree, or the spouses themselves are unwell. Hereditary mental diseases:

Symptoms of mental illness

The presence of several symptoms, allows you to suspect a person with ill-being with the psyche, but only a competent consultation and examination with a specialist can reveal the disease or personality characteristics. Common signs of mental illness:

Treatment of mental illnesses

Mental diseases - this category of ailments, needs medical therapy no less than any physical illnesses. Sometimes only a competent selection of medications, or effective psychotherapy, helps slow the decay of the personality in severe forms of schizophrenia, epilepsy. Diseases of the psyche, drug therapy:

Hypnosis Treatment of Mental Illnesses

Common mental illnesses are treated additionally with the help of hypnosis . The disadvantage of hypnosis treatment is that only a small percentage of mentally ill patients are hypnotic. But there are successful cases of long-term remissions after several hypnosis sessions, it is important to remember that such mental illnesses as schizophrenia and dementia are incurable, therefore conservative medical treatment is the main one, and hypnosis helps to find in the subconscious old traumas and "rewrite" the course of events, which will mitigate symptomatology.

Disability for mental illness

Mental abnormalities and diseases severely restrict the labor activity of a person, his worldview is changing, going deeper into himself and desocialization. The patient is not able to live a full life, so it is important to consider such an option as disability and the appointment of benefits. In what cases is a disability established for mental illness, the list:

Prevention of mental illness

Mental disorders or diseases are more and more prevalent today, so prevention issues are becoming more urgent. Diseases related to the psyche - what measures are important to take in order to prevent the development of the disease or to soften the destructive manifestations of already progressing? Psychohygiene and mental health are a set of activities aimed at supporting mental health:

Unusual mental illness

Manic-depressive psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy - many have heard about these disorders, but there are rare mental illnesses that are not out of the ordinary:

Celebrities suffering from mental illness

The aggravation of mental illnesses or disorders does not go unnoticed - because the stars are all in sight, to hide such things for celebrity is not an easy thing, and even the famous personalities prefer to talk openly about their problems, attracting attention. Celebrities with different mental abnormalities:

  1. Britney Spears . The behavior and actions of Britney "pulled off the reel" was not discussed except that lazy. Suicide attempts, impulsive shaving of the head - all this is the result of postpartum depression and bipolar personality disorder.
  2. Amanda Bynes . Bright star of the late 90's. The last century suddenly disappeared from the screens. Massive use of alcohol and drugs became the debut of developing paranoid schizophrenia.
  3. David Beckham . The soccer star suffers obsessive-compulsive disorder. For David, a clear order is important and if the location of objects changes in his house, this provokes a strong alarm.
  4. Steven Fry . English scriptwriter from a young age suffered from depression, a sense of worthlessness, trying to commit suicide several times, and only at 30, Steven was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
  5. Herschel Walker . A few years ago, an American football player was diagnosed with a dissociative disorder (splitting) of a person. Gerchel from adolescence felt a few personalities and not to go crazy began to develop a tough, leading authoritarian personality.

Films about mental illnesses

Subjects of personality disorders are always interesting and demanded by the cinema. Neuropsychiatric diseases are like the riddles of the soul - actions, motives, actions, what motivates people who have psychopathology? Films about mental abnormalities:

  1. " Mind Games / A Beautiful Mind ." The ingenious mathematician John Forbes Nash suddenly begins to behave strangely, communicates on the phone with a mysterious CIA agent, puts it in the agreed place of writing. Soon it turns out that contact with the CIA is the fruit of John's imagination and things are much more serious - paranoid schizophrenia with visual and auditory hallucinations.
  2. « Island of the Damned / Shutter Island ». The gloomy atmosphere of the film keeps to the very end in suspense. The bailiff Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck arrive on the island of Shatter, where there is a psychiatric hospital specializing in the treatment of especially severe mental patients. From the clinic, Rachel Solando, a child killer, disappears and the bailiffs' task is to investigate this disappearance, but during the investigation the inner demons of Teddy Daniels are revealed. The film shows the emasculation of a person with schizophrenia.
  3. " Natural Born Killers ." A crazy couple of Mickey and Mellory traveling around the US leave corpses behind them. Scandalously sensational film illustrating dissocial personality disorder.
  4. " Fatal Attraction ." What can lead a fleeting passion on the weekend with a special, suffering borderline personality disorder? Dan's whole life flies off a trail after betrayal: an attractive Alex turned out to be a maniac and threatens to commit suicide if Dan does not go with her, kidnaps his son.
  5. " Two Lives / Passion On Mind ." Marta, a widow with two children, lives an ordinary life in a small French town, deals with children, farming and writes reviews for magazines. Everything changes at night, when Martha is plunged into a dream - there is another vivid life, where she is a beautiful vamp Marti, the head of a literary agency. Both lives: the real and the things that are going on in the dream are intertwined, and Martha can no longer separate where the reality is, and where the dream is. The heroine suffers from a dissociative personality disorder.