Plates for leveling teeth

An incorrect bite is observed in many adults who have not managed to solve the problem in childhood. As you know, crooked teeth are not only able to spoil a smile, i.e. are an aesthetic problem, but also negatively affect the general state of health. Namely, because of incorrectly placed teeth, the following pathologies can occur:

Also, incorrect bite in many cases causes incorrect pronunciation of individual sounds, can lead to asymmetry of the face. All this speaks in favor of the fact that the wrong bite must necessarily be corrected even in adulthood, although, of course, it is not so simple.

How can I fix the bite?

To correct the position of the teeth, there are several ways with the use of various orthodontic devices. One of them is a dental plate, which is mainly used for children, but can also be recommended for adults. Let's consider in what cases removable plates can be used for teeth alignment in adults.

Application of dental plates for alignment of teeth

The bite correction plate is a device made of high-quality plastic and fastened to the teeth by means of metal hooks. Inside this unit there is also a special mechanism with a "key", through which it is adjusted and activated. Such plates are produced on individual impressions. Their advantage is that such devices can be easily removed at any time (but it is usually recommended to take them out only while eating, hygiene of the mouth).

The dental plates have the following problems with bite:

But this device can not be used for complex anomalies, because will not give the desired effect. For example, this refers to such problems as a strong crowding of teeth, an open bite. In rare cases, the installation of the dental plate is only the initial stage of correcting the wrong position of the teeth, after which it is planned to fasten braces or surgical manipulations. For the effect of wearing a plate for leveling teeth should be at least 22 hours a day. The total treatment time can last up to several years.