Prayer to Elijah the prophet for all occasions

Ilya is one of the most famous prophets of the Old Testament. Through him, the Lord transmitted important messages to people. After his death, he continues to help the believers and to communicate with him, the prayer of Elijah the prophet is used. Sincere appeals contribute to solving various problems.

Prayer to Saint Ilia the Prophet

During the lifetime of Elijah the prophet, everyone knew as a fighter for the purity of faith. The Lord took him to heaven until his natural death. There is an opinion that he will appear before the second coming of Christ to earth. Ilya is often depicted on Orthodox icons as a gray-haired old man in simple clothes. He is considered a defender of amphibious forces and sailors. In the Slavs Ilya the prophet was the master of thunder and rain. They asked for help to save the harvest.

Prayer to Elijah the prophet helps to cope and protect from evil eye and spoilage, strengthen health, attract good luck in business, find love, improve one's material condition and provide a rich harvest. The ideal time to address the prophet is August 2, so it is believed that the power of prayer at this time is greatly increased. In order for the prayer texts to function, it is necessary to observe all the prohibitions of this day, so, you can not work, clean and do other household chores.

There are several rules for how to read prayers so that they act:

  1. Asking for help from the Higher Powers is necessary from a pure heart and with great faith. Otherwise they will not bring any result. It is important to read prayers without bad intent.
  2. Prayer texts are recommended to learn by heart, if with a memory problem, then rewrite the text on a sheet of paper and read it. It is important not to rearrange words in places and not make mistakes.
  3. It is best to repeat prayers before the icon that is in the temples, or it can be bought in a church shop and placed in your house. Before uttering the sacred texts, light the candle before the image.

Prayer to Elijah the prophet about health

People turn to the prophet with different problems, including for strengthening their health and protection from various ailments. Prayers to Ilya the prophet about health can be read for themselves and for loved ones. There is a huge amount of evidence of people believing that Ilya helped to cope with numerous diseases. If the holiday of Elijah the prophet has come, the prayer for health will have a double strength, but it can be pronounced at another time.

Prayer to the Prophet Elijah for Luck

Often analyzing the situation, many people come to the conclusion that success was simply not enough to succeed. To draw fortune to yourself can be through appeals to the Higher Powers. There is a special prayer of St. Ilya the prophet, which must be read every day and better done in the morning. It is best to repeat the prayer text before the icon three times. You can do this in the temple and at home.

Prayers to Ilya the prophet of love

People who are in a relationship often feel afraid about parting, the appearance of rivals and other problems. Prayer to Elijah the prophet in Ilin day will help to preserve feelings and protect the union from various problems. In the morning at dawn on the day of the holiday you need to go to the river. It is important at home and on the road with no one to talk. When you come to the place, find a smooth stone, tie a layer of curl to it and throw it into the water. After that, the prayer-prayer to Elijah the prophet is pronounced and you can go home without turning around.

Prayer to Elijah the Prophet about Marriage

It is difficult to find a girl who does not want to find true love . Unfortunately, it is not easy to find your soul mate in the modern world and you can use the ancient search for love - an appeal to the Higher Powers. There is a strong Orthodox prayer to Elijah the prophet, which is better read on the second of August. Rise early in the morning and go alone in the field to collect dew. She needs to wash herself, having read the prayer three times.

Ilya the Prophet's Prayer for Money

If there are problems with finances or you urgently need to get a certain amount of money (for a good cause), you can also seek help from the Higher Powers. Prayer to Elijah the prophet about help can be read on any day, but it has the greatest power on the day of Elijah. There is an opinion that if you properly conduct a rite, you can permanently rid yourself of financial problems. Prepare a five-kopeck coin in advance, which must be thrown to the floor, and then the prayer to the prophet Elijah is spoken for well-being. Keep the coin as a mascot at home, putting it on any bill.