Reiki - what is it, symbols and their meaning

In the world there are many types of alternative medicine, which are used to get rid of various ailments. Popular practice is such as Reiki, which is used in different countries to improve the quality of their lives.

What is Reiki?

Kind of alternative medicine, which is based on the technique of healing with the touch of the palms, is called reiki. This healing practice is pseudoscience, since it is not licensed, but it is recognized by the International Standard as a folk method of treatment. He is especially popular in Japan, as this current was born.

Reiki is an affordable method to improve your condition, both on a physical and mental level. It helps practice to find harmony in yourself and to establish contact with the outside world, realizing what the meaning of life is . To understand, reiki - what it is, it is necessary to understand how to make changes, and so with the application of hands on the body there is a concentration of energy flow, which affects the person and his life. It is worth noting that this practice has a deep history, and used it to heal in ancient Japan.

Reiki is a sect or not?

Disputes about this have not ceased for many years, since the attitude to these practices is ambiguous. Doubts are connected with the fact that people who have passed initiation hold regular gatherings, and the master who did the ritual becomes a spiritual mentor. The fact that the Reiki is a sect is evidenced by the fact that the seminars necessarily include talks about the merits of Usui, who is the founder of this direction. His photograph is on the altar, before which various rituals are held.

In addition, the reiki distribute flyers that invite people to take courses. For training you have to pay, and communication with famous masters is not cheap. Some organizations seek to earn big money on Reiki, promising people a miraculous healing from various ailments and even cancer. Because of this, many responding to the question that this is such a reiki, point to the sect. It is important to say that people can use the practice on their own, getting from them for free.

Reiki is philosophy

Practice this teaching in different parts of the earth and annually the number of people joining this current increases. Depending on the abilities of a person and the duration of his practice, three main steps of the reiki are distinguished, which are carried out in stages. At the same time, each time they initiate, which is called initiation. At each level, before the practitioner, the teachings of the Reiki man reveal new possibilities.

  1. The first stage is a simple laying of hands to transfer and concentrate energy in your body and in other living beings.
  2. The second stage is to get familiar with the Reiki symbols and the person learns to work with the past and the future.
  3. The third stage - a practitioner is considered a master, and he can already train and initiate.

Reiki - psychology

The modern world makes us constantly in the movement, chasing financial well-being, comfort and other benefits, forgetting about the important things that are really needed for happiness and a sense of inner harmony. A person beginning to learn that it is a Reiki gradually gets rid of invisible shackles and remembers what true values ​​are. Meditations help to isolate yourself from all problems, helping to find yourself. Regular practices give a chance to get rid of psychological problems, changing lives for the better.

Reiki - esoterics

There are many different techniques that a person can use to heal the body, the soul and change the destiny. For them, symbols are used, which will be discussed later. They carry certain information, and when it is connected with the human body it provokes an energy tide, and this is the energy of the reiki, which can be used for different purposes.

  1. Take a glass of water and, looking at it, visualize the chosen sign. Meditate for a few minutes, concentrating on the goal.
  2. Charged water should be drunk in small portions, representing the realization of one's desire.

Reiki for beginners

Everyone can learn the practices, but this will take time and mastering certain knowledge. Initiation begins with studying the history of the school and the biographies of the first masters. This helps to understand how the Reiki method originated and proceed to the next stage more consciously. After this, the initiation itself is carried out - the process when the master changes the "settings" of the person, thus preparing his body for practice.

This procedure lasts 10-15 minutes. Then the master teaches the beginner how to properly activate energy channels, which are located in the center of the palms. For this purpose, the following text should be pronounced: "the energy of the reiki, I'm open" and visualize special symbols. Many people say that during this action they felt the warmth coming from the hands, crown and feet. This indicates that everything is done correctly, and the body is ready to perceive energy.

Reiki - symbols and their meaning

A large place in practice is occupied by special symbols, which are studied at the second stage of training. It is believed that they have the ability to enhance the energy of the reiki. Each picture has its own meaning and purpose. Symbols are usually drawn in the air next to a sick place on the human body or simply visualized it. To understand more clearly, Reiki - what it is, it is important to know the meaning of each symbol, but pay attention to the most important:

  1. "Cho Ku Ray" . Helps to reveal the source of energy and strengthens the cosmic stream. With this figure, you can focus the universal energy at one particular point. It symbolizes cosmic fire and magical power.
  2. "This He Kee" . This symbol of Reiki helps to get rid of harmful emotional habits. Apply it is recommended at times of stress and to cope with negative memories.
  3. "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen . " Use this pattern to be able to direct energy through space and time. It can also be called a "time machine".
  4. "Dai Ko Mio." In this symbol lies love, light and harmony. He is considered an absolute source of energy.
  5. "Zen Kai Joe . " The energy of this sign helps to improve the life situation.

5 principles of reiki

Numerous directions related to energies have a certain basis, that is, rules that it is important to fulfill impeccably, and the energy of life of the Reiki is no exception. There are five basic principles that were formed by the founder of this unconventional medicine, Mikao Usui. It is worth noting that they were not invented, but came to the guru during numerous and long meditations.

  1. Do not worry . All the principles of the Reiki make sense, and this indicates that a person must protect himself from unnecessary emotions and achieve spiritual harmony. It is important to always soberly assess the situation, knowing how to throw off excitement.
  2. Do not be angry . To achieve happiness, a person must forever forget about anger and stop frowning.
  3. Honor parents and adults . This is one of the famous Japanese wisdom, which states that in any situation one should not forget about respect for those who are older.
  4. Earn for yourself an honest way . To understand the Reiki - what it is, it is important to consider that the essence of this principle is to preserve all the good and deception is not included here. Specialists in this direction assure that if a person practices, then he simply will not be able to engage in dishonorable deeds.
  5. Be kind to all living things on earth . This is the most difficult principle, as it is difficult for a modern person to express gratitude to the world.

Reiki - how to learn?

Specialists of this area of ​​alternative medicine argue that to discover the energy channel, it is necessary to contact the master. He will hold a special ritual, teach you how to meditate and perform various manipulations with your hands. It is important to choose such courses responsibly, as charlatans are often found. Practice of reiki at the first levels includes several directions:

  1. Breathing exercises aimed at calming the mind, relaxing and developing attention.
  2. Meditative practices that teach people to observe their own thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  3. Reiki healing and other possibilities of this direction imply the training of special exercises for sensitivity and the opening of the chakras.
  4. The practice of accumulation, aimed at the distribution and balancing of energy in energy centers.

Reiki and Orthodoxy

The Church treats the different esoteric currents categorically, considering it a manifestation of devilry. Many believers are interested, reiki is a sin or not, and so in sacred books, there is no information about this, and clergymen are against such activities. As for adherents of this area of ​​alternative medicine, they, on the contrary, use faith in God in their practices, for example, in one of the techniques the prayer "Our Father" is read. In addition, they believe that Jesus himself practiced the Reiki, because he treated people with his hands.

Reiki - how dangerous?

Many people, working with energies, do not realize the seriousness of what is happening, as they are able to influence not only the conductor, but also the person to whom the action takes place. There is an opinion that the danger of reiki lies in the fact that the guide can easily alleviate the patient's condition, but only this temporary sensation. To remove symptoms, this does not mean to overcome the cause of malaise.

Reiki - negative consequences

Many people turn to alternative medicine to cope with their ailments, but so far there is no scientific confirmation that the techniques used are effective. It turns out that the healing practice of Reiki can cause a worsening of the condition, especially in serious diseases, since there are examples when people tried to get rid of cancer by energy flows. Spending time on meditation sessions and different rituals, a person misses the chance of recovery. Treatment of reiki can only be used as an auxiliary therapy.