Tarot Thoth - the meaning of cards in fortune-telling

Tarot is a tool, a way of expanding consciousness, a guide to the world of inner transformation, opening hidden messages and expanding the vision of oneself and the cosmos. We can use the Tarot as a plan, drawn with symbols, with the designation of road signs on the inner path. Correctly read, it will give a deep look and new perspectives in any unclear situation.

Tarot Thoth - senior (great) arcana

0 The Jester (Fool) . The card shows ease, carefree, absolute trust, pleasure of the partner. At the same time, some kind of naivete, illegibility in relations is possible, people probably can not think through everything. This will serve as the beginning of some difficulties that will not be fully appreciated. If a person is sick, this card indicates the full recovery of getting rid of the disease. It seems to you that you are absolutely safe, but you should not be too gullible and it's time to begin to control your attitude to the world around and the situation in which you are.

1 Magician (Magus) . A very positive map, which speaks of stable relations, joint development. You can compromise, you can show cunning and professionalism on time. For businessmen, a good prediction is that you will be able to develop, multiply your state. For the sick, the card indicates a speedy recovery.

2 Priestess . In any deck, the priestess, and sometimes called the "papists", is considered one of the strongest cards. It is a symbol of wisdom, immense potential, harmony. Sometimes it symbolizes a woman who seeks to satisfy all her needs. The card symbolizes not only moral pleasure, but also a large financial condition, a good state of health, resources that you can spend on anything.

3 The Empress (Empress) . Unlike the previous card, the Empress does not refer to a particular woman, but speaks about the human qualities of the representatives of both genders. It is a symbol of love, loyalty, virtue, financial growth, new knowledge, femininity, sensitivity. Also testifies to getting rid of ailments. The person on whom the card falls out is able to take care of others, to give knowledge and to love.

4 The Emperor (Emperor) . The map is the embodiment of power, a clear order, energy power, well-being. Personality, on which the card falls, has considerable influence, dominates in many situations. If a person does not suppress aggression, he will become not just a leader, but also a tyrant whose goal will be the subordination of others. With regard to health, the Emperor speaks of negative dynamics, the appearance of ailment.

5 Hierophant (Hierophant) . The very word "hierophant" means "wise man", which indicates that this card symbolizes wisdom, awareness of the truth. Sometimes she points to a person who has supernatural powers. The map speaks of intellectual proximity, great potential, experience, flexibility and undoubted leadership qualities. Such a person can plan his work, perform his duties qualitatively, for which he receives a good reward.

6 Lovers . This is the main symbol of the union of two loving souls, who are bound by real sincere feelings. At the same time they have absolute compatibility, they can cooperate, trust each other, take care. In relation to work, the card says good profits, the appearance of bona fide employees, a profitable transaction.

7 Chariot . The book of Thoth presents this map not just as the beginning of some path (in the sense of traveling), but as the beginning of spiritual growth, a new page from the book of life. Almost in any scenario, the Chariot symbolizes a rapid movement toward a common goal, but for the alignment of partnerships it will have a negative impact. In addition, the chariot speaks of personality, successful development, occupation of the beloved. If a person is sick, only the fallen Chariot is a sign of an early recovery.

8 Regulation (Adjustment) . The symbol of balance, which was either reached by man. It symbolizes harmony, trust in a partner, steadiness. Most likely this person adheres to a materialistic approach to life, in a position to remain calm and confident in any life situation. He does everything in order to maintain his stable position in society, in the workplace, in relations with his beloved.

9 The Hermit (Nermit) . The very name of the card says that this person does not want to make contact with anyone. Sometimes it says about selfishness, isolation, but also about independence. A positive feature of such a person is the opportunity to take responsibility and not to shift the burden of their problems onto the shoulders of others. Often it speaks about losses, depression, the end of any friendly, working relations.

10 Fortune . Financial success and prosperity, harmonious relations with others, love, physical pleasure, positive attitude. The person to whom this card will fall will be carried in everything. He will have strong health, a constant source of stable income, fun and joy of life.

11 Lust . It is worth noting that the card is dangerous especially for the fair sex, as it focuses attention on the unbridled energy, tough temperament that is inherent in a person who has lost control of the situation. If a woman is initially very strong energetically, then for her it can mean the presence of various quarrels, scandals, an overabundance of negative emotions, a break in attachment, emotional incontinence, aggression resulting in financial losses and narrowing of the circle of proxies. Negative impact in this case maps on human health. But for those who have their own energy level is very low (most often this interpretation is suitable for men), the dropped card Lust is the symbol of the beginning of something good, an energy boost, a surge of energy.

12 The Hanged Man . sacred book of the tota great arcana taro 12 sacred book of the tota great arcana taro 13 sacred book of the tota great arcana taro 14 sacred book of the tota great arcana taro 15 The map indicates that the person at the moment is really very difficult. In any scenario, it is positioned as a negative one, symbolizing the breakdown of attachments, depression, pessimism, bankruptcy, setbacks in all spheres of life, deterioration of health.

13 Death . The main significance is confrontation, the breaking of relations, dissatisfaction with business partners, complete despair, uncertainty in the future, the completion of a cycle. This can mean the completion of one stage in life and the early start of the next. Sometimes it is a harbinger of an early deterioration in health, a serious conflict at work.

14 Art (Art) . The symbol is a synthesis of absolutely different directions, personalities, approaches, things, actions. Imitates art, love, kindness, trust between people, creative unity, creativity. The map foreshadows good business development, profit making, recovery, the emergence of new acquaintances.

15 The Devil . It is the devil that is the manifestation of the human "I", the worst manifestation. He represents absolute egoism in relation to everything. This is an absolute disregard for the interests and desires of others, meanness, dependence, envy, anger, fraud, intrigue, dishonesty towards business partners, a serious illness.

16 The Tower . Only completely destroying everything old, you can give life to something new. It is this principle that guides this card. She talks about getting rid of the shackles that tormented you for many years, complete destruction of former priorities and principles, a change like this can be accompanied by depression, aggression, scandals. Probably the collapse of some plans, a crisis, dismissal, poor health, but despite the fact that this card is talking about losses, it shows that life gives you a chance to say goodbye to everything that has burdened you and begin life anew.

17 The Star . By right this is one of the most positive cards in the entire deck. She talks about euphoria, love pleasures, ease of perception, great hopes that will be placed on people (these hopes will be justified). You will enjoy what you do. However, sometimes it's worth it to be less dreamy and have a more materialistic approach to things so that your hopes are realized.

Moon (Moon) . In Tarot, the Tota Moon means a strong fear of change, obsession, a difficult period in working and personal relationships. Perhaps even infidelity to a partner. At the moment, you have a rather difficult period of life, accompanied by depression, insecurity, fraud and ill-health. However, you need to go through this period in order to realize your plans.

The Sun. This is a bright flash of emotional activity, which can be both positive and negative. But in most cases this card is still negative. She is the personification of restraint, nervous breakdowns, anger, dissatisfaction with the current course of events.

20 Aeon . You are standing at the beginning of a new path, a new stage. This can relate to relationships, work, recovery, a new path, a new stage. The card is sometimes interpreted as a recovery from a disease. Probably you will be able to change your perception, learn something new.

21 The Universe . This card is rightfully considered the strongest in the entire deck of Thoth. This is not surprising, because the universe is considered a symbol of absolute harmony in everything, full enjoyment of love, relationships, work. The person to whom this card falls is absolutely confident in himself and in realizing his plans. The map predicts the realization of all business ideas, self-sufficiency and excellent health.

Rods - the value of Tarot Tarot cards

Wands are a symbol of such an element as Fire. He embodies the intense energy and creativity.

  1. The queen has very strong power. She is a passionate woman who can control the situation.
  2. Knight - a man with unbalanced, very powerful impulsive energy. A positive map is only for those who suffer from a lack of their own strength. Also, a map can be a harbinger of a scandal.
  3. Princess - you can overcome your fear, become more efficient and joyful.
  4. Prince - you have approached your goal, your activity will be extremely fruitful, but avoid excessive incontinence.
  5. Ace is the cognition of the new.
  6. Two is the possession of information, some emotional tension, dissatisfaction with yourself and something in your life.
  7. The three are virtues, caring for loved ones, creative development, success in doing business.
  8. The fourth is the completion of the begun, conflict-free life, the transition to a new level of development.
  9. Five - struggle with circumstances, with people. It is likely that the outcome will be positive.
  10. Six is victory, achievement of success at all costs.
  11. Seven - valor, courage, successful transaction, development.
  12. Eight - speed, rapid development of events. The positive outcome of events in everything. However, minor health problems are possible.
  13. Nine - the accumulation of power, you will become more confident and understand what specifically you want from life.
  14. Ten - will face serious problems in the workplace. The main value of the card is suppression, which means a likely negative impact on you from outside.

Sensual cups (cups) of Tarot Thoth

Cups are an element of water that is responsible for feelings, love, pleasure, disappointment and joy.

  1. The Queen - everything around is unclear, but you can not get mad. Unfortunately, you are in a suspended situation and the immediate prospects are not yet clear.
  2. Knight - a man has outstanding leadership qualities, he has many friends who are ready to support him. The map prophesies a conscious progress towards the goal.
  3. The princess prophesies optimism, marriage, getting rid of fears, the negative side is naivety and gullibility.
  4. Prince - depression, lethargy, melancholy.
  5. The ace is good, love.
  6. Two is love, virtue.
  7. Three - abundance, fertility, development, appearance of offspring.
  8. Four - luxury, prosperity, satisfaction of needs.
  9. Five - disappointment, lack of feelings, negative emotions.
  10. Six - pleasure, sex, sexuality, orgy.
  11. Seven - can mean obeying imposed negative stereotypes of behavior or excessive presence of bad habits.
  12. Eight - lethargy, idleness, laziness and depression.
  13. Nine - happiness, security, pleasure and pacification.
  14. Ten is saturation. The card has a moderate negative, suggests that something starts to bother you and you need to do something to refresh emotions and feelings.

Swords - Tarot Thoth interpretation

Swords personify air, intelligence, understanding of the subtle world.

  1. The Queen - going beyond the boundaries, breaking the shackles, breaking through the stereotypes, but at times extra impulsiveness.
  2. Knight - activity, pumping, confident movement towards your goal. Get rid of the tendency to underestimate the situation.
  3. Princess - conflict, clash of interests.
  4. Prince of swords - indecision, imbalance, difficulty in choosing.
  5. Ace - understanding the situation, clarification.
  6. Two is peace, satisfaction, the correct course of events.
  7. Troika - grief, sadness, bright, violent conflict, strong jealousy, possessiveness.
  8. The Four is a truce, the end of the conflict.
  9. Five - defeat, fear, groundless anxiety.
  10. Six - science, development, intuitive awareness of what will be better at the moment.
  11. Seven is futility. Lack of faith in yourself, pessimism, melancholy.
  12. Eight - interference, a strong impact of others, which makes it almost impossible to implement their own plans.
  13. Nine - cruelty. Self-immolation, a person begins to blame himself for what he has already done or is about to do.
  14. Ten - collapse, madness, emotional instability, denial of ideals.

Discs - the Tarot Tarot value

Disks represent an element of the Earth, are responsible for money, financial stability, emotional stability.

  1. The Queen - overcoming difficulties, your works will finally bear fruit, not a simple transition to a new life.
  2. Knight - it's time to reap the benefits, gaining material profit.
  3. Princess disks are a highly developed potential that needs to be realized. Sometimes it means pregnancy.
  4. Prince - a man sets himself a material goal, ready to make every effort to get a real result.
  5. Ace - a small profit, life in nature, the need to visit the seat of power.
  6. Two is a positive change in life, harmony.
  7. Troika - work at the moment for you should be a priority.
  8. Four - power, strength, adherence to established procedures, observance of the rules will guarantee stability and security.
  9. Five - anxiety, feelings of anxiety, insecurity.
  10. Six is success, financial well-being.
  11. Seven is defeat, one of the worst cards in the deck. For a long time you will be in a very difficult situation.
  12. Eight - prudence, development, stability.
  13. Nine is an acquisition. This applies to something tangible and can be interpreted as obtaining a new source of energy.
  14. Ten - welfare, it can be a profit and a joyful meeting, a communication that will be fruitful.