Whipped milk in a multivark

Gherten milk is a delicacy, which is practically unknown outside the Slavic culture. Caramel taste and color, fat and very fragrant, milk, which is evenly heated for several hours, you can safely buy already ready and packed on the shelves of any market. However, if you are a fan of home-made products and use natural non-pasteurized milk in the basis, then for sure you have repeatedly thought about how you can make melted milk at home. And if in ancient times "drown" milk was brought in the oven, now for this purpose modern technologies, like a multivark, are used.

Whipped milk in multivarquet - recipe 1

For the preparation of melted milk, we will not need anything but the milk itself. However, to protect milk from "escape" during cooking, on the walls of the bowl of the device you can draw a line along the entire circumference with a piece of butter. Also, to make baked milk in the multivarker even less hassle, you can install a container for cooking on top, thanks to him the chances that the milk will "run away" are reduced to zero.

Pour into the bowl of the device fat milk from home, a couple of centimeters above the milk line we draw a line of butter, install a basket for steaming and close the cover of the multivark. We put the "Quenching" mode on for 6 hours and go to do our own business. However, the first 30 minutes are better to come periodically and to check whether the milk does not "escape" during boiling.

After a while, you will see that the amount of milk has decreased by approximately 100-150 ml, and the color changed from white to caramel.

Whipped milk in a multivark - prescription 2

The second method of making melted milk takes more time, since it passes at a lower temperature, but the result for the better differs from that prepared by a faster method.

As part of this recipe, milk should be poured into the bowl and set to "Milk porridge" or "Quenching" mode for 15 minutes. This time will be enough for the milk to boil. At the end of the time, the multivarker must switch to the "Heating" mode without your intervention. As soon as this happens, you can safely leave the work on modern technology, since it will take a long time to heat milk, hours 12-14, depending on how thick and fragrant you want it to be.

Recipe for sweet melted milk in a multivariate

After the heating, milk and so it becomes sweeter, but to make the taste and color more caramel will help an extra portion of sugar.

Pour the milk into the bowl of the multivark and pour a dessert spoon with a slurry of sugar (per 2 liters of milk). We set the mode "Milk porridge" for 15-20 minutes - this time will be enough for the milk to boil. Further, we can only protom milk in the very cup, using the "Quenching" regime for only 4 hours. Prepared milk should be slightly cooled beforehand and can be served!

Whipped milk in a multi-pressure cooker

The advantage of cooking baked milk in a multi-pressure cooker is speed. Due to the high pressure of the steam inside the container, the milk will be "drowned" 4-12 times faster. It sounds tempting, does not it?

The preparation procedure differs little from that described earlier. Milk pours into the bowl of the device, the lid closes and technological magic begins. We set the mode "Soup" and time - 51 minutes, press "Start" and all! Less than an hour later, this melted milk can already be sampled.