The ideal mistress - what you need to be able to do?

For a beloved man, every woman should be not just a lover, a friend who can cheer up in moments of despair and rejoice in moments of happiness , as well as an unsurpassed predator in bed. What you need to be able to make every night better than the previous one is to learn how to be an ideal mistress. In order to achieve the desired, it is important to simply want that not only he be satisfied, but you also feel like a goddess.

How to be a good mistress for a man?

  1. Each process of making love should not follow the same, long-predicted scenario: it lies and enjoys, and it works hard or even vice versa. Sex is not just a combination of two bodies, it is an art of love, spiritual reunion. At least several times a month it is important to bring something new into the intimate life. It can be tantric sex, copulation with elements of BDSM, role-playing games and stuff.
  2. Only sensual sex can bring unearthly pleasure to both partners. The ideal lover in the bed of a married man is one who knows his weaknesses, or rather erogenous zones. To begin with, it is not out of place to experiment: caress his neck, a hollow above his chin, the area between his shoulder blades, ears, nipples, buttocks. It is important to understand what kind of kisses and where exactly he is without a mind. Let these acquired knowledge become your secret instrument.
  3. In bed, do not be hypocritical. If you do not like something, it's important to inform your partner in a kind manner. It is also important that he behave the same way.
  4. It is worth mentioning one more important point: men like eyes. And this suggests that it's important to follow your body and figure. It's not just a complex of appropriate exercises, but also tricks in the form of a scrub, fragrant milk or a spray for the body. In addition, it is not out of place to fill up your wardrobe with a sexy negligee , seductive stockings and a set of lacy underwear.