Wireless keyboard with backlight

All kinds of computer accessories that do not have wires are very convenient. These are modern mice, speakers and keyboards. Today we'll talk about wireless backlit keyboards that make the user's work more comfortable. So, what are they like?

Reviews of popular wireless keyboards with backlit keys

The Logitech K800 model appeared recently, but already firmly established itself in the market of wireless keyboards with key illumination. It has a simple but stylish design with a streamlined ergonomic shape of the keys, a battery indicator and a light sensor. The latter is extremely convenient in terms of energy saving, since the model assumes automatic brightness adjustment. Also there are such useful keys as volume control, mute and universal Fn key, which allows you to call up the context menu, launch the browser, etc. Users are pleasantly surprised by the built-in motion sensors, thanks to which the backlight turns on only when you bring your fingers to the keyboard. Logitech K800 does not require the installation of any drivers and supports Plug and Play.

Rapoo KX is a mechanical keyboard for a computer with backlight. Unlike the membrane model described above, the Rapoo KX keys are more durable and respond faster to pressing. In addition to the lithium-ion battery, the model also includes a standard USB cable for connecting to a computer. This wireless keyboard is very compact due to the lack of a small digital block and the keys PgUp, PgDn, Home and End. As for the backlight, it has two levels of brightness, which are controlled by the "hot keys" Fn + Tab. You can buy this model of the keyboard with the backlight of the keys in both black and white.

To the gaming keyboard with the backlight of the keys are even higher requirements. Backlighting here is crucial, because many gamers prefer to sit at the computer at night. For example, for the keys of the MMO keyboard Razer Anansi, you can set up absolutely any color of the backlight. As for the functional qualities, they are at an altitude: this model is equipped with additional modifier keys, amazingly expanding the possibilities of the game. They are under the space, while the buttons for macros are on the left side of the device. Very convenient is the ability to configure custom keys, which is carried out using a special program - you can download it free of charge from the manufacturer's website.