Workout at home

Training at home is convenient, free, you do not need to go anywhere. There is no need to choose a special time or shift your plans. Nevertheless, not everyone has the necessary willpower and the necessary motivation to deal with constantly, without missing a single day.

Basics of effective training at home

Home training, like any other, begins with motivation. As you know, our shortcomings are what makes us move forward. For someone, the reason is overweight, for someone "ears" on the hips, for someone - undeveloped, flat shins and so on. Clearly define what is the goal for you - the more clearly and precisely you set a goal, the faster you will achieve it.

For example, you want to conduct home workouts for weight loss. In this case, measure the weight, volume of the chest, waist and hips and determine what and how much should decrease. Do not set unrealistic goals! In a month, weight loss of 1 to 3 kg is considered normal weight loss (this figure will be larger if you have obesity and weight over 80 kg). Those. If you need to throw 6 kg, put it on it for 2 or 3 months.

If your goal is an elastic ass or more embossed tibia, estimate approximately that the daily results will be noticeable in a month, and after 3 months the effect will be more vivid and persistent.

Now that you know exactly what and in what timeframe you need to get, you can proceed to actions.

Schedule of training at home

The home training program, like any other, involves a schedule. In the end, the result depends on the number and regularity of the lessons. That is, you will get the effect if you practice strictly every day except for weekends or 3 days a week every other day.

The faster you need the results, the more training you need to do per week. It is proved that less than 2 trainings a week are not able to give a result at all. Optimum - from three to five workouts a week. The mode of training at home and food are directly related, especially for those who want to lose weight: in this case it is especially important to withstand the intervals before and after classes.

Depending on your daily routine, the complex of training at home can be set for the morning or evening. In the morning you need to cut out 40-90 minutes for training and after that an hour and a half do not take any food, except protein (unless of course you want to gain weight - then you can do everything). If this is inconvenient for you, do it in the evenings.

In the evening, it is also important to observe the diet: 1.5 to 2 hours before exercise and as much after it is not recommended to eat foods rich in carbohydrates and fats.

Training at home for girls

The system of training at home should obey your goal and include not only the necessary exercises, but also those that maximize all the muscles for the general tone of the body. For example, training at home for weight loss, even power, it is recommended to start with 5-10 minutes of aerobic exercise: running on the spot, jumping rope, step, dancing, etc.

By the way, for slimming you can use cardio workouts at home - these are very intense endurance exercises that are performed at a high pulse. Usually at home, they can be implemented by exercisers - a treadmill, an exercise bike or a stepper.

Currently, on the Internet in the public domain you can find a variety of video training programs of different focus: and dance lessons, and aerobics, and shaping. You can choose for yourself a few suitable rollers and deal with them, periodically replacing them, so that the body does not get used to the monotonous load. In addition, the beautiful, tight-fitting body of instructors with video will serve you as an additional motivation.