Strength exercises on a horizontal bar

Few of the girls use a tourniquet for training, but those who have already tried it, are unlikely to refuse. First, such activities are more interesting and unusual, and secondly, they are held outdoors, and thirdly - they are very effective! The tourniquet allows you to tighten the chest and buttocks, make the stomach - flat, legs - slender, and the body - light. Complex exercises on the bar are accessible and simple - and most importantly, a horizontal bar can be found in almost any yard.

Exercises on a horizontal bar for women: obstacles

The most difficult thing in strength exercises on a horizontal bar is not the activities themselves, but a psychological barrier. Many girls are afraid to appear ridiculous and refuse such public statements. In the end, no one forces you to do at noon - get up early and do your exercises while the city is still asleep. The most important thing is to start, more and more you will be carried away by yourself.

In addition, many girls are afraid to build a bumpy musculature. All this is nothing more than a myth: musculature in men develops much more easily than in women, and this usually requires additional sports nutrition . A girl from strength training on the bar will be tightened, slim and lead the muscles into a tone - but does not increase muscle mass.

Basic exercises on a horizontal bar

The best exercises on the bar are almost the same as for men. At least, the program for beginners in the stronger sex can be accurately borrowed.

  1. Begin with the classics and practice a common hang on the crossbar. Until you start to do this, it seems that it is very simple. But in fact, it takes a lot of effort. You need to start with 5 sets of 10-15 seconds. It's not just a perfect warm-up. But also an excellent training for the muscles of the chest.
  2. Have you already mastered the vis? We complicate the task: we try to swing. Do not choose too much amplitude. At the front, reduce the shoulder blades, bending your back and inhale, at the back point - exhale. To rock it is necessary in 5 approaches on 10 rocking. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and promotes the disappearance of the folds of the lower abdomen.
  3. The next exercise is turning. From the position of classical vises, make turns of the body on the right and left sides. You need to do 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Exercise will remove lateral creases.
  4. Execute the vis on the crossbar and pull your knees up as high as possible, preferably to the chest. Watch your breathing - always exhale at the highest point. Do the maximum number of repetitions and approaches. This is one of the best exercises for the hips and buttocks.
  5. To strengthen the muscles of the side press, perform an exercise similar to the previous one, only the legs do not rise together, but alternately. In this case, the knees are diverted in opposite directions - the right knee stretches to the chest from the left side and vice versa. Do the maximum number of repetitions and approaches.
  6. If you can pull up, be sure to include this in your program, and then go to gymnastic exercises like lifting with a coup, etc.

All these are very effective exercises on the bar that will shape your whole body and make you athletic and fit. The main thing - do not give up lessons in a week, not noticing the result. The first results are that the exercises will begin to be easier for you than at the very beginning. But to correct the figure you need to deal with a few weeks, and even months - depending on how much you run yourself. In any case, do not quit lessons after the first results - it is better to follow yourself constantly and always look at 100%.