How to lose weight after giving birth?

Many women for pregnancy do not gain 12-15 kilograms, which are "put" for this period, but much more. Moreover, for the first year after childbirth, an ordinary woman does not lose weight, but only adds weight, because in the cares of the baby it's hard to find time for yourself. Looking at celebrities who already two months later can boast of a slender figure, women are trying to unravel their secret and find their universal way of fast weight loss.

Weight loss after childbirth

Doctors say: to lose weight after childbirth much sooner will be obtained from the woman who nurses, because nature is laid, that the uterus at such a period decreases much faster, and the stomach goes away by itself.

However, breastfeeding leads to a common mistake among women - the desire "to eat for two", to use fatty dairy products. Remember how this mechanism works in nature: a cow to give milk, does not eat milk , but grass! It is enough to eat vegetables, fruits, meat, low-fat dairy products, and your baby will receive everything in full.

Corset and excess weight after delivery

There is a special corset linen, which helps to bring the figure in order. It is very effective - the body remembers the form, and quickly rebuilds in a new way. However, simply wearing corset linen will not help you to split fat cells, and this will have to be taken care of separately.

How to lose weight after giving birth?

It does not matter whether you are breastfeeding or not, you need to eat right, because for the body such adjustment is a great stress. Consider an example of a harmonious diet of a young mother:

  1. Breakfast - porridge with fruit, green tea.
  2. The second breakfast - half-cups 5% cottage cheese, fruit.
  3. Lunch - a serving of soup, you can dairy.
  4. Snack - boiled egg, cucumber or other vegetables.
  5. Dinner - beef, chicken or fish with vegetables.
  6. Before going to bed - kefir.

Eating so, you not only supply the body with a mass of useful substances, but also create the habit of eating properly, which will save you from accumulating excess weight , whenever.

How to lose weight after childbirth more intensively?

If you have wondered how to lose weight after giving birth quickly, connect the movement. It is best to introduce daily two-hour walks with a child - they must be intense, this is the main condition for losing weight. If you wear comfortable shoes and walk at a fast pace, you will quickly begin to lose weight.