Antibiotic Flemoclav

Pathogenic bacteria are able to release a special substance, beta-lactamase, which prevents the action of antimicrobials. To neutralize this compound, clavulanic acid, inactivating beta-lactamase, is added to some drugs. These drugs include the antibiotic Flemoclav complex agent, which helps prevent the development of bacteria in resistance to an antimicrobial drug.

To which group of antibiotics does Flemoclav Solutab belong?

The drug described is a group of penicillins, so it has a very broad spectrum of action. Flemoclav is active against many known gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, both aerobic and anaerobic. Moreover, the drug depresses even those microbes that produce resistance to most high-performance penicillins, producing beta-lactamase.

For what and how is the antibiotic Flemoclav used up to 1000 mg?

Indication for the purpose of the drug in question are:

It should be noted that Flemoklava with the concentration of amoxicillin (the active ingredient) does not exist. The maximum amount of active ingredient is 875 mg, the remaining 125 mg fall on the inhibitor (neutralizer) of beta-lactamase, clavulanic acid (potassium clavulanate).

The standard dosage of the antibiotic is 1 pill (875 mg / 125 mg) every 0.5 days (2 times a day). When treating severe infections, it is better to take the medicine three times, but at a lower concentration, 500 mg / 125 mg.


Analogues of the antibiotic Fleomoklav

Given the high cost of this medication, he is often sought replacement. As synonyms Flemoklava used these drugs: