Chocolate glaze made of cocoa and milk - recipe

Any pastry, be it muffins, cakes, homemade cookies, becomes much more beautiful and appetizing, if you decorate it with chocolate glaze. And imagine a custard cake without her participation. Not the same effect as the taste, and the aesthetic.

In the recipes for the preparation of chocolate glaze a mixture of cocoa powder and milk with the addition of butter is used, which gives the shine and softness to the product. Experimenting with the proportions of these basic components, it is possible to obtain a glaze with a different consistency, differing in color, gloss, softness and even taste.

Sugar powder will speed up the process of obtaining chocolate glaze, and adding vanilla, crushed nuts or coconut chips to it will help to make it taste and as a result the decorated baking is especially delicious.

To decorate dishes, as a rule, recommend not too hot icing to avoid its full draining, except for the rare cases stipulated by separate recipes. If you apply it too late, it will lie unevenly, with lumps and your dish will become unpresentable.

How to cook chocolate icing from cocoa on milk?



All components are mixed in a metal, preferably enameled, ladle or in a small saucepan and heated on a plate on low heat, continuously stirring, for three to four minutes, but the time may need a little more. We check the readiness of the hardening test drop on a cold saucer.

The prepared chocolate glaze is immediately used for its intended purpose, decorating the cake, cake or cakes on top until it has frozen.

Chocolate frosting on milk for a cake



In a small saucepan combine sugar powder and cocoa, add milk and mix well. Then put the stove on a small fire and cook until the foaming chocolate mass, continuously and intensely stirring. Now we take off the fire and let it cool down for about seven to ten minutes. Add the butter and beat with a mixer. Thus, the icing for the cake will turn out lush and softer.

Place the cake on a grate installed on a pallet, and pour the prepared glaze, pouring it into the center of the cake with a small jet and distributing it evenly with the spatula over the entire surface and on the sides. Completely glazed cake is placed in the refrigerator for freezing.

You need to decorate the cake, cake or cookies, and you do not know how to do it, without using oil for glaze, then our next recipe is for you to help.

Simple chocolate glaze with cocoa and milk



Sugar powder is sifted through a strainer. Preheat the milk to a boil, brew cocoa and mix it until smooth. Now pouring powdered sugar and continuously stirring, bring the chocolate icing to the desired consistency. In the recipe, the proportions are given to obtain an average density. If you need a more liquid glaze, then add a little milk to make it more dense, pour more powder.

Now you know how to prepare different varieties of chocolate glaze on milk with cocoa. The case for small, bake the foundation, which we will apply it. And, of course, the absorption of the beautiful sweet culinary masterpieces created by their own hands.