Circus Festival in Monte Carlo

Annually in Monte Carlo, the International Festival of Circus Art is held - the most long-awaited, enchanting event in Monaco . This bright show gathers a huge audience from all over the world. Everyone who visits it, remains under a pleasant impression and receives a storm of incredible emotions.

A bit of history

The Prince of Monaco Renier III was a great admirer of circus art and therefore in 1974 he founded the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. This event has become the most prestigious in the world and unsurpassed in its industry. The main prize of the festival is the "Golden Clown", there are other awards in other genres. For many years, the award was awarded to the most famous circus artists: Anatoly Zalevsky, Alexis Grus, the family of Caselli. Today the responsibility for such a grandiose event is borne by the Princess of Monaco - Stefania. Vice-president of the festival is Url Pearce, and the jury consists of the most famous figures of the circus. Who will get the award, and the audience who attend the event decide.

Holding of the festival

Despite the fact that the name of the contest of artists of the circus shows Monte Carlo , it is held annually near the arena of the Circus-Chapiteau Fontvieille . The festival lasts ten days. Those who want to visit this event, we advise you to buy tickets for at least six months, because they always have a great deal of excitement. Circus program in Monte Carlo always impresses its viewers. The show includes acrobats, clowns, magicians, strongmen and artists of other circus genres who have come from the most remote corners of the world (Russia, Poland, Ukraine, China, etc.). Each participant of the festival shows tremendous tricks that give admiration to children and adults. It is easy to reach the circus by public transport (bus number 5) or by renting a car .