Endemic goiter

The activity of the thyroid gland is the determining factor in the normal development and growth of the human body. For its proper functioning, a sufficient amount of iodine is needed. Otherwise, endemic goiter develops - the tissues of the endocrine organ grow, it increases in size, exceeding in women 20 cubic meters. cm and 25 cubic meters. cm for men.

Causes of endemic goiter in the thyroid

As a rule, the considered pathology is observed in acute iodine deficiency in the body, especially if a person lives in a certain geographical area with a lack of this element in the environment.

Less often endemic goiter occurs under other circumstances:

Symptoms of endemic goiter

Clinical signs of a pathological enlargement of the thyroid gland depend on the shape of the endemic goiter, its location and size. At the early stages of disease progression, no significant manifestations are present. As the tissues of the endocrine organ grow, patients complain of the following symptoms:

In advanced cases, severe complications of the described disease develop:

Diagnosis of endemic goiter

To confirm the existing suspicions of proliferation of tissues of the endocrine organ, such laboratory, instrumental studies help:

1. Blood tests:

2. Urinalysis:

3. Ultrasound of the thyroid gland .

4. Fine needle puncture aspiration biopsy.

5. Radioisotope scanning.

It is not necessary to take and carry out all the listed studies, in most cases, enough blood and urine tests, ultrasound diagnosis.

Therapy and prevention of endemic goiter

Treatment of the described pathology corresponds to its stage of development, the degree of enlargement of the thyroid gland.

With a small goiter, an intermittent course of potassium iodide is prescribed, enriching the diet with products rich in iodine.

If the disease progresses rapidly and leads to endocrine disorders, hormone replacement therapy is necessary.

In the case of the formation of nodes in the thyroid gland, a surgical operation is performed to remove them. After this, the course of hormones is prescribed.

To prevent the proliferation of tissues of the endocrine organ the following measures were developed: