"Esterhazy" - a classic recipe

For the first time hearing the name of the dish "Esterhazy", the least we can assume is that it's a cake. But it really is. At one time, a cake made to order by the Minister of the Interior of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Pal Antala Esterhazy, was named that way. The cake made a real success, and since the confectioner was completely unknown, the glory went to the minister.

Currently, there are many varieties of cake "Esterhazy", but we offer a real classic recipe.

Classic "Esterhazy" - the original recipe


For the cake:

For cream:

For decoration:


First of all, pour the necessary amount of almond petals in a suitable container and determine in the oven heated to 120 degrees for about fifteen minutes. During this time, they will dry up slightly and become more fragrant. Then leave a number of petals for decoration, and the rest we place in the bowl of the blender and break up to get small crumbs.

Egg proteins are placed in a clean, dry deep container and whisked with a mixer at high speeds until dense, stable peaks. In the process of the mixer, we pour a little sugar. When the desired result is achieved, we intervene little by little, neatly chopped almonds.

Now cut off five sheets of parchment paper, a bit larger than the intended diameter of the cake and draw circles on them, which will be a kind of template for the cakes. We turn the sheets over so that the pencil is on the opposite side and is only visible through the paper. Now we apply the prepared protein-almond dough to the templates and bake cakes for about thirty minutes at a temperature of 160 degrees. We make sure that they do not burn out.

While baked cakes, we are going to prepare the cream. Whisk yolks with sugar, add a mixture of starch mixed with a small amount of milk, mix and place on a plate on a moderate fire. Then, continuously stirring, pour the rest of the milk and heat the mass until thick.

Soft butter beat with a mixer with condensed milk, and then combine with the cooled custard and once again whisk the mixer all together.

Next, proceed to assemble the cake. We lay the first almond cake on a wide dish and smear it with the prepared cream. Cover with a second cork, which is also impregnated with cream. We do this with all the cakes and cream.

Now melt the white chocolate in the water bath, adding cream, and pour the resulting mixture of the surface of the cake. In the same container we dissolve the dark chocolate, and then we shift it into the confectionery bag and draw a kind of spider web, starting from the center and moving to the edges. Then we draw the toothpicks first from the center to the edges, and then between them from the edges to the center. We get a picture typical of this classic Austrian cake "Esterhazy", prepared according to the original recipe. And there was the final touch. Sprinkle the sides of the cake with almond petals, picking them up in the palm of your hand and pressing a little to the cake.

Classic cake "Esterhazy" is not subject to storage. Serve it better immediately or within the first 24 hours after preparation, otherwise the cakes will be excessively wet and this will be a completely different cake.