Fitness ball - exercises for losing weight

Fitness ball makes weight loss exercises doubly effective, because in addition to the usual efforts, there is a need to maintain balance, because of which it is required to maintain tension throughout the training. It is believed that it is the exercises on fitbole especially effective for fighting cellulite.

How to make exercises on fitbole effective?

Let's consider some simple principles, without which classes on the fitness ball will not be so effective for weight loss:

  1. Fitball should be chosen correctly: for girls with a height of 152-165 cm, a ball with a diameter of 55 cm is suitable, and for those whose height is 165-185 cm, it is necessary to choose a fitball 65 cm in diameter. The easiest test is to sit on the ball. If the knees are bent at right angles, the size fits.
  2. Do it regularly 3-4 times a week, doing each exercise for 12-16 repetitions and 3 approaches.
  3. 2 hours before the workout and 1.5 hours after it is not recommended. After this time you need a snack with protein food - cottage cheese, fish, chicken with light (non-starchy) vegetables.
  4. Do it right down to a sense of fatigue and sweat. If you do not get tired, increase the number of repetitions or approaches, otherwise training simply does not make sense.
  5. Begin each workout with a warm-up (for example, running in place and joint exercises), and finish with stretching exercises.
  6. If you are really determined to lose weight while practicing fitball, give up sweet, flour and fat - these categories of meals can be occasionally included in your breakfast, but in no case do not eat in the afternoon.

By following such simple principles, you will make your training really effective.

Complex exercises on the ball for fitness

Warm up you can do any, to your taste. For example, running on the spot, intense dancing, aerobics for 10 minutes or jumping rope. The warmed up muscles are not subject to traumas and are more amenable to loading.

Exercises are performed 12-16 times in 2-3 approaches:

  1. Lifting of the pelvis . Effective exercise for the back and buttocks with the ball for fitness, which at the same time helps to work out the press and hips. Lay down in front of the ball and put the calves of his feet on it so that the feet hang down. Carry your body up by rolling your ball up to you. At the highest point, lock and hold the position for a few seconds, and then go down.
  2. Push-ups with the ball . Lie your belly on the ball, and hand-wrestling, take the emphasis lying, at which your hands rest on the floor, and the shins lie on the ball. Having taken a starting position, perform classic push-ups.
  3. Rises up for the buttocks . Again, take the emphasis lying, resting your shins on the fitball. Lift up first right, and then left leg 15 times. Complete 3 approaches.
  4. Twisting with the ball . Lying on your back, hands behind your head, with bent legs, hold the ball between your knees. Tearing off the pelvis from the floor, pull your knees to your face. Do the exercise at a slow pace, lifting your legs with the strength of the muscles of the press.
  5. Tilts to the sides . This is an effective exercise for the press with the ball for fitness, but not all of it is obtained from the first time. Lay down on your back, place the fitball between your legs, and, grabbing it by them, lift them perpendicular to the body. Do not tear the blades off the floor, lower your legs to the right, then lift them back, lower them to the left and return them to the vertical position. To begin, perform 4-6 times, gradually bringing the number of repetitions in the approach to 12.

After completing the whole complex, make simple stretching exercises familiar to the school: stretch one by one to the right legs from the sitting position, bend backwards from the prone position on the abdomen, etc. This will reduce the soreness of the muscles after the first training.

Dynamic exercise complex for weight loss with fitball