Amino acids for muscle growth

Previously, it was traditionally believed that the increase in muscle mass - it's a man's business, and if the girl appeared in the gym, it's just because she struggles with excess weight. But, the times have changed and now the girls know if the body is predominantly muscular rather than adipose tissue, then there is no chance of excess weight: this kind of tissue consumes far more calories, which allows you not to accumulate fat deposits or effectively fight with them. In this regard, amino acids for muscle mass gaining have become relevant for girls.

Amino acids for muscle growth

Having seen a hardened man before, everyone thought that he was drinking a protein cocktail. Now the sports nutrition industry has largely grown, and for the growth of muscle tissue, several types of additives are used. Among them are amino acids for muscle recovery and growth.

If we talk about the chemical composition, the amino acids are the basis of protein (protein). Depending on the compounds of the 22 kinds of amino acids, special polymer chains appear that are different in form and function in the body of proteins. Amino acids in bodybuilding are the next step in studying the growth of muscle tissue. It used to be that since protein is a building material for muscles, it must be taken. Later studies showed that of protein shakes (and any protein food, too), the body in the process of digestion chooses the amino acids that it uses for self-production of protein for muscles.

In connection with this there is another popular misconception: proteins and amino acids for mass gain are one and the same. However, this is not so, and even the methods of their effect on the body differ. Since the body extracts amino acids from the protein itself, even with the "fast" protein it takes about 3 hours for the entire chemical reaction. If you take amino acids at once, the body no longer needs to split anything, and the reaction takes place several times faster. This means easy relief from muscle pain, recovery and muscle growth.

By the way, another advantage of amino acids for girls is that, in comparison with the protein cocktail, they are very low-calorie, so that even in large doses they do not contribute to the appearance of adipose tissue.

When is it better to take amino acids?

Traditionally, it is believed that after exercise, amino acids bring the optimum benefit - the muscles require a fast flow of amino acids for recovery, and the use of the additive promotes rapid recovery and growth.

The best amino acids for weight gain

Today you can find all kinds of additives, and it's quite difficult to decide which amino acids are better for muscles. All products have their pros and cons.

Most of the complexes realized are hydrolysates - that is, protein, split into peptide fragments and, in fact, free amino acids. This substance is absorbed almost instantly. Usually this type of drugs is produced using natural ingredients. However, the maximum rate of assimilation in isolated preparations, in which only free amino-acids are composed. Minus they have one - it's almost 100% chemistry, they are artificially synthesized, and not every organism will accept them.

It is worth noting that amino acids are divided into 2 types - replaceable (which the body produces itself), and irreplaceable, which it can not synthesize. The latter are especially important for the body (leucine, isoleucine, valine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, lysine, histidine). Focus on the coach's advice and information on the package.