How to learn to skate on an adult and learn the tricks on the rollers?

Information on how to learn rollerblading is useful to parents, whose children are asking about the purchase of skates, and the adult himself, who decided to master this sport. There are many details that are worth considering to freely feel on any road.

At what age can you skate on roller skates?

Many parents, buying videos to their children, treat them like a toy, and not as a means of transportation. In most cases, this occurs when the child is 3-4 years old. Doctors do not recommend buying videos for young children, since the locomotor system has not yet formed completely and the wrong loads can lead to serious consequences. In addition, numerous falls are possible, which are also dangerous. If you are interested in how quickly to learn how to ride a roller on a child, and it's safe, then it's better to start doing it in 6-7 years.

Can I learn videos for an adult?

Each person, if desired, can master the ride on any vehicle and even on such banal as roller skates. Learning to skate on an adult will be more difficult than a child, but a few lessons and a goal will be achieved. Falls can not be avoided, but, most importantly, overcome fear . If you use the help of a coach, the result will be obtained even faster.

Is it useful to skate?

Roller skating is not only entertainment, but also sports training, which give good results. It will be interesting to know what is useful for roller skating:

  1. During the ride, the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels are perfectly trained.
  2. A good load is obtained by the muscles, which become elastic and strong. During skiing, almost all muscle groups are included, and even those that are difficult to engage in work during training sessions on the simulators.
  3. People who want to lose weight can regularly roll on rollers and after a while the results will be visible, as this is an effective cardio training.
  4. The balance and coordination of the body develops.
  5. Positively affects the activity of the nervous system.

How to skate?

The main movement for roller skating is called "Christmas tree". The movement of the feet during skiing should resemble the structure of the Christmas tree. One leg will go, and the other will serve as a jogging, which implies the shift of the center of gravity from one leg to the other. Describing how to properly roll on the rollers, it is worth pointing out a few tips:

  1. It is important not to be afraid, because it reduces the chances of success, because the muscles of the body are greatly strained.
  2. During the ride, you do not need to keep your back flat, but rather tilt the torso slightly forward. This is important in order to not land on your back during the fall, which is very dangerous.
  3. During the movement it is necessary to keep the legs always half-bent, which is important for depreciation.
  4. For the convenience of movement it is recommended to keep your hands in a semi-bent state. This is important for a safe fall.

Another point, which should be stopped - how to ride on sneakers rollers. Begin training on a flat surface. Put your feet so that one is in front of the other and your feet are on the same line. It is important to find a comfortable position. When you are near the railing or the wall for insurance, stand on your heels and try to find a balance, leaning in different directions. To start riding, tilt the body forward. For braking, simply lower the toe of one or two feet to the floor.

How to roll on rollers back?

When you can already go straight, you can go to the next stage and learn how to drive backwards. First you need to learn one movement:

  1. Put the feet in a corner, that is, the heels together, and the socks apart. Keep your knees bent, and your arms forward.
  2. The center of gravity should be shifted forward, press on the heels and spread the stops to the sides, keeping the angle of the feet.
  3. The task is to draw a leg of lemon, that is, first the legs are bred, and then reduce, connecting the socks together, and the heels apart.
  4. After that, do everything, on the contrary, from the end point, draw the lemon in the opposite direction, pressing on the socks, shifting the center of gravity back.
  5. In the center of the "lemon" you have to squat, spreading your legs.

In the instructions, how to learn to roll on the rollers back, it is indicated that you will need to draw a few lemons in a row.

  1. Sit down a bit, keep your hands in front and start drawing zigzags. Note that when moving to the left, you must first turn left, and then, right foot. When moving to the right, everything is done vice versa.
  2. It is necessary to combine drawing zigzags and lemons. The center of gravity should shift to the main leg. Important advice - do not need to place the limbs too widely.

How to slow down on rollers?

Experts argue that you need to start skating on rollers with mastering the braking technique. There are two options:

  1. Turn. Finishing skating on rollers, and approaching the place of stop, you should turn around. For this, the supporting leg must continue to move forward, and the second - to be placed at a right angle to it. As a result, the heels are joined together.
  2. Regular brake. Explaining how to learn to roll on rollers and properly brake, it is worth noting that most rollers have a special device that is on the heel of the right shoe. For braking, set your right foot forward, and keep your body in a level position, excluding turning.

How to rotate on rollers?

It is impossible to skate through the streets without being able to turn, so it is important to learn how to do this. There are three basic ways that it is important to master on both feet. For them, there are such rules: the inner leg must be in front, the hips are deployed in the direction of movement, and the shoulders and the body should look towards the center of the turn. We'll figure out how to learn how to ride a roller:

  1. Rotate "scooter". While driving, move the supporting leg forward and transfer the weight of the body to it. The roller should be placed on the outer edge. Bend your knees and ankles. When pushing with the outside foot, make a turn.
  2. Rotate "semi-light". To make a turn, bring forward the supporting leg and transfer the weight of the body to it, and place the skate on the outer edge. Again, bend your knees and ankles. The second leg is pushed aside and back, tracing it along the arc. Take care that your leg does not come off the asphalt.
  3. Turn swing. Finding out how to learn how to learn rollerblading, it is necessary to disassemble one more turn for which you bring forward the supporting leg and transfer the weight of the body to it. Put the outer leg forward and place it crosswise, as if you want to put the footboard yourself. Push your inner leg and guide it slightly forward so that it becomes parallel to the outside. It is necessary to alternate such position of legs: push, parallel, repulsion, cross, push and so on.

Tricks on rollers

There are many tricks that are performed during slipping, driving at speed, spinning and jumping. The most popular tricks include the following options:

  1. Monoline . Such driving on rollers is similar to a train. It is necessary to put one leg strictly after the other. When obstacles pass, the rear roller must repeat the front movement and there should not be more than 8 cm between them.
  2. Eight . During the movement of the legs must then diverge, then cross.
  3. Descent from the stairs . In order not to fall down the stairs, you need to drive up to the first step, putting one foot exactly for the second. The direction should be kept slightly obliquely, which will increase the length of the path on each of the steps. Weight should be carried to the leg that is located behind, and it should touch the ladder with all wheels. The front leg, touching the ladder only the rear wheel.

Where to skate?

To read to train it is necessary on a platform with an equal surface, without any holes, slides and so on. It is good, if there are trees and high parapets around in order to brake at the initial stage. In addition, do not forget that it is much softer to fall on the grass. If you are interested in where it is better to ride roller skates, then it is worthwhile advising tracks in the park or special areas. In many cities are built rollerdromes, where not only can learn to ride, but also perform various tricks.

Clothing for roller skating

Obligatory is protective equipment, which includes protection on the wrists, knee pads and elbow pads, and also the helmet. In sports stores, you can buy protective shorts that have pads on the hips and coccyx. If you are interested in what to ride on roller skates, it is worth knowing that it is better to wear a loose T-shirt, so that nothing would interfere with the movement. Choose long shorts or pants made of dense, but lightweight fabric.

Is it possible to ride roller skates in the rain?

Beginners ride in rainy weather is not recommended, but if you really want, you can. It is important to understand that the adhesion to the coating will be much worse, because it will be wet and slippery, and this will prevent the braking. Be sure to skate in the rain with a protective gear. Note that after driving through puddles of bearings, grease is washed out, and dirt gets into the wheels, which can cause them to stop and make noise. After a rainy walk at home, remove the wheels, remove the bearings, dry them, lubricate them and insert them back.