Hepatic sausage at home

In the era of the peak of the development of the chemical industry, it is somehow not comme il faut to sin to buy shop sausages to a real admirer of delicious food, that's why we already had time to understand the details of sausage and sausage preparation earlier. In the recipes, we decided to devote further attention to hepatic sausage.

How to make home liver sausage?

Before you go directly to the recipes of homemade sausage from the liver, let's look at the ideal proportions of ingredients, from which you can not only transform the following recipes, but also prepare sausages based on your own imagination.

So, the formula for an ideal home-made liver sausage includes: 25-30% liver and the same amount of meat, if you plan to make a sausage mix, as well as 20-40% fat, salt and spices.

If you decide to add meat, then give preference to veal and pork, as well as chicken and duck. Beef can be used in an amount not more than 25% of the total mass.

As a fat component, giving the hepatic sausage of juiciness, nothing is more ideal than the usual lard or bacon can not be imagined.

Home liver sausage - recipe

Let's start with the simplest, most basic recipe, completely corresponding to the below-translated proportions.



We start with the preparation of the ingredients: we clean the liver of the films and ducts, and then we pass through the meat grinder along with the pieces of veal. Next, grind 2/3 of fat, cut the remaining third in cubes. Mix all the fat with a mix of liver and meat, and then season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

At the time of ready-made meat, the pork intestines must be washed and fully prepared. With the help of a special nozzle fill the minced meat intestine and tie it on both sides. To ensure that the sausage does not burst during cooking, it should be gently pricked with a toothpick from both ends. Cook the sausage at a constant temperature of 80 ° C for an hour. Cool the sausage and then try it.

Hepatic sausage with manga - recipe

Some housewives supplement the liver mince with flour or manga. Such an ingredient eventually makes sausages more dense, adding textures.



Pre-cleaning the pig liver from the films and washing it thoroughly, it can be passed through a meat grinder, and can be cut into small pieces by hand, so the sausage gets even more delicious and, in addition, beautiful on the cut. By analogy, cut and pork lard.

Razirayem garlic with a large sea salt in the paste, add this paste to the mixture of fat and liver, after driving the eggs. Add the semolina to the meat mixture and leave the basis for our sausages for half an hour. During this time manna cereal will swell and will not be crunch on the teeth after cooking.

After the time has elapsed, the mixture can be filled with a pre-prepared gut, tied it on both sides, pierced in a couple of places and sent to cook for an hour and a half. Remove the prepared sausage and cool it before taking the sample.

If the intestines were not at hand, it is possible to cook liver sausage in a bag or a sleeve for baking. In the first case, forcemeat is not tightly tied at once in three plastic bags, leaving a place for the growth of sausage around the edges. In the second, the liver can simply be wrapped with film sleeves and fixed with elastic bands or clips from the kit on both sides.